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Google Applications

Google Apps Boot Camp *

This Google Apps training will empower you to work with the different Apps included in the Google Apps suite. This course will teach you how to effectively set up and use Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. After taking this Google Apps course you will be able to leverage the different collaboration tools available in Google Apps which are geared towards making your communication process more effective and productive. 1. Learn to get your free Google account and set up for instant access to your documents. 2. Learn to upload and use the documents you’ve already created with Microsoft Office. 3. Learn to use Google Spreadsheet to create charts to display spreadsheet data. 4. Learn to master Google Docs’ easy, powerful document-editing and formatting tools. 5. Learn to insert images into your documents and presentations. 6. Learn to share documents securely with your colleagues.  ​

Instructor: Kerrie Abate, experienced business, computer and information technology, as well as, certified Google instructor

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Location: Haverhill

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*May be offered in the future

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