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Graphic Design Courses

Intro to Adobe CS6 Photoshop for Photographers

Explore exciting photo-editing with Adobe Photoshop! Ideal for anyone interested in editing photographs and images, you’ll learn to make layers, add image adjustments, filter effects, and image masks. These skills will help you enhance your photos and apply some photo adjustments to really bring your photography to a professional level. Learn skills such as desaturating photos, changing levels on lighting, and blending techniques. Bring your own photos to use new techniques on your own personal work and bring thumb drive to save projects.


Stacy Sawyer, experienced graphic designer

Course Information

September 10 through September 24, Tuesdays, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, 3 weeks

Dates/Time: Tuesday, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, 3 weeks, 9/10/2019-9/24/2019

Location: Haverhill

Cost: $189 + $10 capital fee

CRN: 459 Course Number: CMPA1158 Section: OWB



Courses Offered in the Future*

Adobe Photoshop Advanced for Digital Art *

Explore exciting image-manipulation with Adobe Photoshop! Ideal for anyone interested in creating and composing artwork on multiple levels. Learn unique techniques like rendering floor plans with textures, wrapping products with labels, and creating digital art marketing. Building your own custom brushes and patterns will help make your projects original. Realize your new skills in context by completing exciting small project work for a portfolio or to enhance your own projects. Bring thumb drive to save projects.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Logo Design *

Learn the Adobe Illustrator interface and how the basic tools interact with one another. Work on creating vector images through mastering the pen tool and creating trace. Typography tools will be explored and manipulated to create logos and digital imagery that can be an identity for a company, client, or yourself. Bring your own flash drive.

Adobe Illustrator for Advertisements *

Continue working with the Adobe Illustrator interface and expanding your designs on multiple art boards. Use techniques such as pattern design and clipping masks to create full page advertisements banners, and large scale marketing collateral. Bring your own flash drive.

Advanced Adobe InDesign *

Use your basic skills of operating InDesign tools to create complex templates such as tri-fold brochures. You will learn advanced typography tools such as drop cap, kerning, and justification alignments to create a compelling content design. We will learn clipping masks to add depth to your marketing. Bring your own flash drive.

Basic Page Layout Using Adobe InDesign *

Discover how to use basic tools and features of Adobe InDesign and how it operates with its sister programs Photoshop and Illustrator.  Using text and graphics create single page advertisements and multi-page documents for client branding.  We will build templates as small as business cards and as large as poster designs.  Package your designs to organize fonts, images, and documents for project organization.  Bring your own flash drive.

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