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Help Expand Our Team and Our Noncredit Educational Offerings

At NECC we are always looking for new ideas for classes or training programs that can support our students’ success, while preparing them to be valuable contributors to the community.

If you have an idea for a class, whether you are new to NECC or are already a corporate & community education instructor, we invite you to complete the form below. Please first review our latest course offerings in the links at left to ensure that you are not duplicating an existing noncredit offering at the college.

If the NECC programming staff believes your course idea is appropriate, and that there would be demand for it from current or prospective students, you will be contacted to arrange an interview where we can discuss and assess your instructional experience and abilities.

If you have more than one idea for a class, please submit multiple forms. Even if we do not accept your initial idea, we encourage you to keep thinking of new ones – this is often how our most popular noncredit offerings have come to life!

If you have questions about the form, or the process of becoming a NECC noncredit course/program instructor, please contact us at or 978-556-3060.

Instructors: To apply for  Community Education teaching positions please visit our employment page.



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