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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Open Publishing

Learn how Rebus' open publishing differs from traditional models by keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind throughout the production cycle. Working with DIE in the principles of DEI is critical to creating valuable resources, and can have impacts beyond improving the quality of the OER.

Hypothesis Workshop

Hypothesis and OER for NECC Faculty Registration link: Please join us for an upcoming webinar, Using Social Annotation with OER, on Thursday  March 2nd from 2:30-3:30pm EST. Christie DeCarolis from Hypothesis will review how...

Inclusion and Representation in the Gradebook

Drawing on the Center for Urban Education’s equity-minded practices develop a straightforward way to implement more inclusive approaches to assessment and grading.

OER and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Online , United States

At this session, we will explore the basics of UDL and how OER can help us make strides towards inclusive, innovative teaching and learning experiences.

Group Work That Students Won’t Hate

Learn about ethical and effective approaches to collaboration and project management and help students see the professional and personal benefits of completing highly-collaborative (and creative) coursework.

Faculty Spotlight Webinar

Through the Digital Textbooks and Materials Pilot, Lumen materials are currently available to your students at no cost. The Lumen team works with hundreds of institutions across the United States to provide high quality materials...

Accessibility and OER

Online , United States

In this session, we'll explain what we mean by accessibility, remediation, and the work this entails.

Creating OER with Students

Online , United States

Student voices need to be central in OER projects, especially considering that they are the final users of these materials. In this session, we will showcase a range of OER that have been co-created with students.

Interactive OER with H5P

Online , United States

his session will introduce H5P, a free tool that lets you create interactive content for your textbooks. We'll look at the range of content types in H5P, see examples from published textbooks, and highlight other tools you can use to make dynamic OER.

CIT Workshop: Setting Up the Grade Center in Blackboard

Online , United States

Learn how to make grading for your courses easier and more efficient for you and your students. In this workshop, you will learn how to set up and use the grade center inside your Blackboard...

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