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Campus Safety Awareness

Public Safety Personnel are on Duty 24 Hours a Day at both Haverhill (C112) and Lawrence (414 Common St) Campuses.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is a high priority for Public Safety and the college.

The college maintains its buildings with a concern for safety and security. Public Safety works in conjunction with other college departments to handle any safety or security hazards that arise. Contact Public Safety with any concerns of this nature.

Crime Prevention Tips

Follow the tips below to help make NECC a safer campus. 

Protect Your Valuables While Taking Public Transportation

Secure Your Bicycle

 Observe, Observe, Observe.

Automobile Security Tips

Register Your Car With Campus Security

 Secure Your Car and Its Contents

When Going to Your Car…

 Be Aware of Vehicles Behind You When Traveling

Personal Safety Tips

Walk With Other Students

Carpool Only With People You Know

Record a Description of Suspicious Persons

Escape Is Your Primary Objective

Firearms, Drugs, & Alcohol

Firearms, alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances are not permitted on college property. The college’s policy on alcohol, drugs and smoking is printed in the Student Code of Conduct and the NECC Policies and Procedures Publication.

Rape & Other Sex Offenses

If you are a victim of a sexual assault:

Acting Responsibly

NECC buildings and parking lots are well lit and regularly patrolled, but you should still use precaution to ensure your own security and that of your personal property. Keep these common-sense tips in mind:

Always report suspicious activities, threatening incidents, or unusual behavior to Public Safety by calling 978-556-3333 or dial ext. 3333 from any campus phone. Even if nothing has actually occurred, Public Safety would prefer to know if there is a potential for concern.

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