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Student Clubs & Organizations

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Academic Clubs

Alpha Beta Gamma, Beta Omicron Chapter

Alpha Beta Gamma is a National Business Honor Society dedicated to honoring above average students. As an Organization, Alpha Beta Gamma holds fundraisers for community charity as well as other needs that may arise.

Membership initiation is only open once a year, so any vacancies remain open until the following initiation ceremony.

Contact Pam Donahue
Phone 978-556-3315
Room C-304, Haverhill

American Sign Language Club

The ASL Club discusses, shares, and promotes an understanding of ASL and Deaf Culture at NECC and in the community. By increasing awareness and knowledge of deaf people and their culture and increasing access to the resources (films, faculty and facilities) at NECC, members strive to increase the responsiveness of the College to students in ASL programs and Deaf Culture.

Members network and socialize with other students who share a common interest in the many aspects of ASL and Deaf Culture, including art, poetry, theater, history, politics, linguistics and the future of ASL and Deaf Culture worldwide.

Membership is open to all students, faculty and staff who share these interests and concerns.

Contact Larry Stephen
Phone 978-556-3000 TTY
Room C-314R, Haverhill

Clinical Laboratory Science Club

Builds upon classroom experience and explores career and program opportunities of the laboratory science progression for student and the public.

Contact Brenda Salines & Stacy Ayotte
Phone 978-665-5871(Salines) & 978-738-7895 (Ayotte)
Room LC303B, Lawrence (Salines) & LIH3, Lawrence (Ayotte)

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club’s goal is to promote social interaction and to enhance the educational process through various Club activities. It also provides information concerning employment opportunities, training and certification to Criminal Justice majors.

The Criminal Justice Club also sponsors such activities as guest speakers, field trips and training courses.

Contact Paul Cavan
Phone 978-738-7551
Room L214, Lawrence

Early Childhood Education Club

Contact Gail Feigenbaum and Deidre Budzyna
Phone 978-556-3831 (Feigenbaum) and 978-556-3456 (Budzyna)
Room C-314N, Haverhill (Feigenbaum) and C-314G, Haverhill (Budzyna)

Phi Theta Kappa — Honor Society

PTK’s mission is to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of students while promoting individual growth through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming.

Contact Andy Morse
Phone 978-556-3316
Room C-314Q, Haverhill

Human Services Club

Students can expand their knowledge of a variety of community service agencies, engage service activities and interact and work together.

Contact Diane Mele
Phone 978-556-3359
Room C314V, Haverhill 

Radiologic Technology Club

The Radiological Technology Club is intended to aid the student participants in the enhancement in their profession by exploring opportunities for employment and continuing education in the Radiological Sciences. They aim to promote the interest and enthusiasm within the profession of Radiologic technology and awareness to the general public.

Membership will provide activities that will enhance their learning experience.

Contact Patricia Willett
Phone 978-738-7517
Room L-210C, Lawrence

Respiratory Care Club

The Respiratory Care Club is dedicated to educating and elevating awareness around lung, health, and air quality issues.

Contact Jennifer Jackson-Stevens
Phone 978-665-5893
Room LC-314, Lawrence

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Communications Clubs

Parnassus Literary Magazine

Parnassus is a student-run publication consisting of short fiction, poems, creative nonfiction, and all types of printable art and photography. It’s a venue that has existed since 1965 for creative NECC students to share their arts and talents with the entire school and beyond. New editions are published yearly at the end of each spring semester. Parnassus allows creative students at NECC an opportunity to express themselves and provides an opportunity for the entire student body, faculty, and staff to share the arts and talents of students and to be published in an award-winning book that will have a nationwide audience. Visit its website for more information, submission details, and an archive of each issue from its nearly fifty year history.

Work from any NECC student may be submitted to Parnassus staff at any time during the semester. Acceptance of material is determined by a vote of active staff members. Any active NECC student can join the staff; calls for new members go up at the beginning of each new semester.


Parnassus has won the following awards:


Second Place, Eastern Division CCHA awards
First Place with Merit, ASPA awards
Best Gallery Section, ASPA awards


First Place, Eastern Division CCHA awards
Finalist, ACP Magazine Pacemaker awards
First Place with Merit, ASPA awards
Silver Medal, NCMPR awards


First Place, Eastern Division CCHA awards
Silver Crown, CSPA awards
First Place, ASPA awards
Best Page Design, ASPA awards


First Place, Eastern Division CCHA awards
Best in Nation: ACP Pacemaker Awards
Gold Crown, CSPA awards
First Place, ASPA awards
Gold Medal, NCMPR awards


First Place, ASPA awards

Contact Information

Contact Patrick Lochelt
Phone 978-556-3358
Room C-317Q, Haverhill

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Performing Arts Clubs

Dance Club

The purpose of the Dance Club is to provide a variety of dance experiences for students at all levels of dance, from those with no experience to those with many years of experience. It performs for groups and functions on and off campus, giving students a variety of performance opportunities.

Contact Michelle Deane
Phone 978-556-3597
Room C-314J, Haverhill

NECC Music and Choral Club

The NECC Music Club performs music at the College for the community. The group also creates informational music activities such as jam sessions, caroling and viewing educational music videos. The Music Club explores the current music technology as well as music careers and various College music programs to which NECC students might be able to transfer.

Contact Alissa Bucchiere
Phone 978-556-3226
Room C-317, Haverhill

NECC Music Club

The purpose of the club is to develop and promote musical performances by student groups, as well as guest artists, assist NECC students in developing their careers and strengthening cultural and educational understanding through guest speakers, educators, films and field trips.

Contact Ken Langer
Phone 978-556-3223
Room TC-266, Haverhill

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Special Interest Clubs

Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. It does not support or oppose any government or political system, nor does it support or oppose the views of the victims whose rights it seeks to protect. It is concerned solely with the impartial protection of human rights.

Contact Andy Morse
Phone 978-556-3316
Room C-314Q, Haverhill

Anime Club

The purpose of the Anime club is to bring students together with a common interest in Anime. Members will be introduced to a plethora of genres within the medium and will leave with a deep appreciation and understanding of the dynamic art form.

Contact Marc Mannheimer
Phone 978-556-3242
Room B302, Haverhill

Bacon Boardgamers

The goal of this club is to encourage healthy competition, mental stimulation, and social interaction through board games.

Contact Michael Cross
Phone 978-556-3362
Room B-306, Haverhill

Community Outreach Group

The goal of the Community Outreach Group is to give NECC students opportunities to create and carryout projects around social and environmental issues of concern to the group. The emphasis is on working toward practical solutions to specific problems, to improve the environment on both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses, and to educate the community about social and environmental issues.

Contact Meredith Gunning
Phone 978-556-3539
Room C-314S, Haverhill

Contemporary Affairs Club

The goal of the Contemporary Affairs Club is to create an opportunity for students to discuss politics, government, and international affairs. The Club hosts guest speakers and sponsors field trips to local sites that are of political significance.

Contact Trish Portanova
Phone 978-556-3379
Room B-204, Haverhill

Gay/Straight Alliance

The purpose of the Gay/Straight Alliance is to teach and promote tolerance and acceptance between any and all groups of gender, orientation, race, or life style. The GSA also aims to fight discrimination and prejudice between said groups both on and off campus.

Contact Kristi Arford
Phone 978-556-3353
Room C-C314J, Haverhill

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Club

This club provides an opportunity for like-minded students and alumni of NECC to explore the sciences outside of the class curricula. The club will sponsor guest speakers, student led forums, field trips, and networking focused on future employment within the science field. 

Contact Sarah Courchesne & Mark Clements
Phone 978-556-3308 (Courchesne) & 978-556-3367 (Clements)
Room E373, Haverhill (Clements)

Students for a Democratic Society

The purpose of the Students for a Democratic Society is to create a forum that allows students to discuss and explore the injustices and oppression within our society with a greater goal of raising community awareness.

Contact Stephen Slaner
Phone 978-556-3528
Room C-314S, Haverhill

Veterans & Service Person’s Organization

The Veteran and Service Person’s Organization functions as a beneficial organization to all veterans, service persons and their relatives, by informing and providing information on benefits mandated by federal, state, and private agencies. The organization will also serve as a group of support, fellowship and camaraderie, for all of the above mentioned.

Contact Veterans Center
Phone 978-556-3631
Room SC-216, Haverhill

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