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Club Resources

The Club and Organization Handbook is a document created to support and inform the clubs and organizations of college policies and procedures. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the Student Engagement Center (978.556.3731).


Club Roster

Club Registration Form

Hazing Act Acknowledgement Form

Bake Sale Form

Raffle and Bazaar Tax Form

Acknowledgement of Risk and Consent Form (sample)

Emergency Information List

College Fundraising Awareness Form

New Club Application Forms

Application for a New Organization

Student Interest Petition (at least 10 students needed)

Club Roster

Club Registration Form

Hazing Act Acknowledgement Form


Sample Constitution

Program Planning Checklist

How do I start a new club?

  • Find at least 10 interested students
  • Find a club advisor (a NECC staff or faculty member)
  • Submit the following paperwork to the Student Engagement Center: new club application, a constitution complete with mission statement, name, IDs and signatures of at least 10 participating registered students, Hazing Act Acknowledgement form

The new club application will be reviewed by the Student Senate. Often, the Senate requests a representative of the applying club to attend an open meeting for questions. The Senate will vote and if approved the final approval will be given by the Dean of Student Life.

The first year a club is active it does not receive a budget.

All student Clubs and Organizations must be officially recognized before they sponsor activities or use the name of the College in association with their activities.

Why are the registration forms important and what are they used for?

The Student Engagement Center uses these forms for several reasons, but most importantly, these forms help prove there are active students in the club so that money can be released. Without this paperwork a club may be determined ‘inactive’ and lose the budget.

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.