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Student Enrichment Program

The Student Enrichment Program was developed by the Student Senate in 1993 for students who wish to maximize their college experience by developing their leadership skills, expanding their awareness of social issues or confronting issues of importance to community college students. The Student Enrichment Program’s goal is to provide students with the opportunity to explore self directed activities which provide for self-realization and growth. In addition, it is the hope that through this program, students will be able to build a foundation of leadership and social skills that will improve the quality of their student life at Northern Essex Community College and be useful to them throughout their lifetime. Students interested in applying for funds through the Student Enrichment Program must complete an Application for Student Enrichment Program Funds.

For applications or questions, please contact the Student Engagement Center; Sport & Fitness Center, Room D-105, 978-556-3731 Haverhill Campus; Lawrence Dimitry Building, Room L-133, 978-738-7417 or email us at engagement@necc.mass.edu with your information so that we can contact you.