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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Congratulations on taking the first step to further your education!

At Orientation, you will get acquainted with NECC, college life , go on a tour, become familiar with the technology used for your classes, receive your student ID and Library Code, and leave with an understanding of what to expect when you walk in for your first day of classes. You will have the opportunity to meet staff, student success resources, and talk with current NECC students. All new students are required to attend this introduction to Northern Essex Community College.

You will be contacted regarding the date of your orientation session by the New Student Orientation Team.  New Student Orientation will be offered in July, August, and September in Haverhill and Lawrence.  For more information, please contact the New Student Orientation Department at 978-556-3805 or email us at Orientation@necc.mass.edu

At the end of each orientation, network with people from NECC and enjoy a light meal. 

Thank you for choosing Northern Essex Community College.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Date Time Location Orientation Focus
Wednesday, July 19 12-5pm Lawrence Campus STEM Majors
Friday, July 21 12-6pm Haverhill Campus STEM Majors
Tuesday, July 25 5-9pm Haverhill Campus Liberal Arts/General Studies
Thursday, July 27 12-5pm Lawrence Campus Liberal Arts/General Studies
Tuesday, August 1 12-6pm Haverhill Campus Liberal Arts/General Studies
Wednesday, August 2 5-9pm Lawrence Campus Health Majors
Monday, August 7 12-5pm Lawrence Campus Health Majors
Thursday, August 10 12-6pm Haverhill Campus Art/Professional Studies
Tuesday, August 15 12-6pm Haverhill Campus Art/Professional Studies
Wednesday, August 16 2-7pm Lawrence Campus Spanish Language Orientation
Wednesday, August 23 8:30am-1:30pm Lawrence Campus Art/Professional Studies
Thursday, August 24 8:30am-1:30pm Haverhill Campus General (All Majors)
Friday, August 25 2-7pm Haverhill Campus General (All Majors)
Wednesday, September 6 5-9pm Haverhill Campus General (All Majors)
Thursday, September 7 5-9pm Haverhill Campus General (All Majors)

Visit us on Facebook: @NECCStuOrientation 

Orientation Leaders

Nate Miller : Lead Orientation Leader

Nate Miller

Lead Orientation Leader

My name is Nate Miller and I psyched to be one of NECC's Orientation Leaders this summer. I love NECC because it's my home; I have made so many great friends who now feel like family. I am a theater major and I have served on the Student Government as Haverhill Programming Chair and the Vice President of Lawrence. I am also the Vice President and founding member of the Improv Club. My hobbies include theater, movies, nerdy things such as "Star Wars", "Yugioh", and Marvel and DC Comics. I also enjoy extremely bad movies.


Melanie Peicott : Orientation Leader

Melanie Peicott

Orientation Leader

Hi, my name is Melanie Peicott. I am 22 years old and just graduated from NECC this May with my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. I plan on transferring to Salem State University and majoring in either Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education. My goal is to become a teacher, since I love kids and have always wanted to work with them. I currently work at Newbury Elementary School as a Kid's Club assistant, which is their after-school/after-care program. I love my job there because I get to work with kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade, so I get to know kids who are many different ages. It's great practice for when I'm a teacher someday and I get to know great kids and have fun at the same time. I love NECC because it gave me a passion for life and learning again, something that I didn't have coming out of high school, because at first I didn't even want to go to college. NECC gave me a fresh start, my GPA skyrocketed, I made tons of new friends, and I was finally happy.  NECC gave me a stepping stone for the rest of my life, and I have never felt more confident about my future. I love NECC because it is a very positive environment and filled with positive people and good vibes. It's a place to find yourself, better yourself, and create your future.


Grant Bellino : Lead Orientation Leader

Grant Bellino

Lead Orientation Leader

Hi, my name is Grant Bellino, and I recently graduated with my philosophy degree! I have had a wonderful time and experience at NECC.  I was on the Senate, played varsity basketball, and starred in one of the school plays! If you want to enjoy your time at NECC, become involved! It's a great way to network and make great friends. Use the resources that are provided – it's a part of your tuition and fees. I plan on eventually going to law school and then running for a public office: I believe this is where I can make my greatest impact in society.


Felix Carpio : Orientation Leader

Felix Carpio

Orientation Leader

My name is Felix Carpio. I’m twenty- two years old and I graduated with a General Studies degree this May. I am currently working on obtaining an Associate’s in Mechanical Engineering. My goals for the future is to graduate and move on to UMass Lowell, where I will stick to Engineering or double major with Biology. For hobbies I like to learn new things. I like to read and learn different languages, like Polish – which is the one I’m learning now. I love to ice-skate and hike. There are so many things I love about NECC. I love how people are so nice, how good the teachers are, and how affordable it is. I also love how small the classroom sizes are. Having visited other colleges, I honestly feel that NECC is the best community college around.


Courtney Morin : Orientation Leader

Courtney Morin

Orientation Leader

“We are neither pure, nor wise, nor good; we do the best we know.” —Voltaire

My name is Courtney Morin, and I am just trying to do the best that I know. Currently, that is attending Northern Essex Community College as a Liberal Arts major. The hope is to be a Human Rights Lawyer, and NECC provides the concrete foundation on which that skyscraper of a goal will stand on. When I’m not lost to the sea of my studies, you can find me with my nose tucked between the pages of a novel, or scattered around campus being active in the NECC community. I am the newly elected President of the Student Government Association, the former President of the Students for a Democratic Society Club, a member of the Amnesty International Club, and a staffer and contributor for the colleges’ literary and arts magazine, Parnassus. I have infiltrated as many aspects of student life that I can handle, but I recognize also that there is much more that one can be a part of here on campus. I believe it is important to be involved with one’s community, as it’s not only beneficial for others, but also for one’s personal growth. I also believe that we should always strive to be bettering ourselves which is the part that I love most about NECC, that it provides a wealth of opportunities to accomplish this. NECC isn’t just a college, it is a community of diverse individuals uniting under a common goal of furthering ourselves the best that we know. Ultimately, I know whole heartedly that Northern Essex Community College strives for students to succeed here, and when you have a community like NECC rooting you on, you are never alone in your journey—there is always a shoulder to lean on.


Carla Gonzalez : Lead Orientation Leader

Carla Gonzalez

Lead Orientation Leader

My name is Carla Gonzalez and I am a Business Transfer student. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, my hobbies are reading, watching horror movies, and knowledge in other cultures. I am a participant of Student Government, Pace Program, Leadership Program and a work-study student in Student Life. My goals for the future are to do my Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Master’s in International Business. The reason why I love NECC is because there will always be help in anything needed. Throughout the two years that I have been in NECC, every semester there was a different challenge and every semester I had any and every support. From academic to financial advising, to even personal at times, whatever I needed in NECC I was able to find it.


Alba Diaz : Lead Orientation Office Staff

Alba Diaz

Lead Orientation Office Staff

Hey! My name is Alba Diaz and I just recently graduated from NECC with my Associate’s in Business Transfer and am going to be attending Worcester State this upcoming Fall! During my time at NECC, I have been in student government, the Student Leadership Development Program, Alpha Beta Gamma (an international business sorority), PACE (a college prep program), and a work-study student for Student Life. I also worked at the student bookstore! I loved my time at Northern Essex because of affordability, location close to home, and all the great people I met and worked with here. My time at NECC has opened doors for me to succeed in life and helped me move toward my ultimate goal of getting my Master’s in business someday. I hope new students coming into NECC have just as great an experience as I have! Good luck!


Sara Ramirez : Orientation Leader

Sara Ramirez

Orientation Leader

My name is Sara Ramirez and I am a double major of Liberal Arts and Engineering Science. My goal for the next academic year is to transfer to a 4-year school with an Associate’s degree. I would also like to read 30 non-academic books before the end of 2017. NECC has been such a positive influence in my view of myself. Having people around me that believe I will succeed reminds me of my self-worth every day!


Nour Darwich : Orientation Leader

Nour Darwich

Orientation Leader

My name is Nour Darwich and I am a Northern Essex Community College graduate. I am moving forward to major in biology, to eventually (hopefully) become an optometrist. I believe that NECC is the best community college out there. I love it for its positive atmosphere, great inspiring people, professors, clubs and sports, and open opportunities. Anything that you need in order to successfully reach your future goal can be made possible at NECC. I greatly enjoyed my time here, and I know that anyone who attends will too.