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Disability and Vocational Services

Mass Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Interpreter Services)

The Mass Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s commitment is to leverage experience and know-how from people of all ages who are deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened, to the point where everyone’s opportunities for interpersonal communication and information exchange are both readily accessible and supported effectively with assistive listening technology. On the website, you will find programs and services aimed to increase partnerships to achieve communication access for all citizens, support and technical assistance for schools and programs to provide quality K-12 education to deaf and hard of hearing students, enhance the supply of communication services and technology for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families, and ensure a qualified and culturally competent staff.

Website: www.mass.gov/mcdhh/

Office Location:

150 Mount Vernon Street, 5th Floor
Dorchester, MA  02125

Phone:   617.740.1600 (Voice)

617.740.1700 (TTY)
617.740.1880 (Fax)
Toll Free:
800.530.7570 (TTY)
800.882.1155 (Voice)


Disabled Persons Protection Commissions (DPPC)

The mission of the DPPC is to protect adults with disabilities from the abusive acts or omissions of their caregivers through investigation oversight, public awareness and prevention. The DPPC receives and screens reports of suspected abuse, neglect, and deaths through a 24-hour hotline, conducts investigations regarding the protection of adults with disabilities, ensures the appropriate protective services are administered when abuse has been reported, and provides different services, training, assistance for law enforcement personnel, the public, and any other person dealing with these instances.  

Website: www.mass.gov/dppc/

Office Location: 50 Ross Way, Quincy, MA 02169

Phone:  617.727.6465 or 800.245.0062

Fax: 617.727.6469

MA Department of Mental Health (DMH)

The Department of Mental Health, as the State Mental Health Authority, assures and provides access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages, enabling them to live, work and participate in their communities. The Department establishes standards to ensure effective and culturally competent care to promote recovery. The Department sets policy, promotes self-determination, protects human rights and supports mental health training and research. This critical mission is accomplished by working in partnership with other state agencies, individuals, families, providers and communities.

Website: www.mass.gov/dmh

Office Location: 15 Union St, Suite 13, Lawrence, MA 01840

Phone: 978.738.4500

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) promotes equality, empowerment and productive independence of individuals with disabilities. These goals are achieved through enhancing and encouraging personal choice and the right in the pursuit of independence and employment in the community. The MRC provides comprehensive services to people with disabilities that maximize their quality of life and economic self-sufficiency in the community.

Website: www.mass.gov/mrc/

Office Location: 1 Parker St, Lawrence, MA 01843

Phone:  978.685.1731 or 800.332.9722

New Hampshire Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NHVR)

New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation (NHVR) is an agency that helps persons with disabilities help themselves to get a job, keep the job, and develop a life time career. NHVR has seven regional offices throughout the state designed to assist persons who have physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities. A counselor will be available to develop an employment plan designed to meet specific needs as well as provide programs such as diagnostic testing, vocational evaluation and counseling, job placement, and many more.  Please contact NHVR for more information regarding their services.

Website: www.ed.state.nh.us/VR/

Office Location: 101 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603.271.3494

*Detailed information regarding the specific services provided by the institutions on this page have been copied directly from institutions’ websites or acquired materials.