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Our Process

The Center for Accessibility Resources & Services is scheduling appointments Mondays through Fridays. Communications/meetings can be flexible based on student’s needs and may consist of the following options: Zoom, Phone, In-Person or Email.

Following CDC guidelines, all individuals should always wear masks, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, while on campus to mitigate their risk of catching and spreading COVID-19.  

To get started students may contact us as outlined below:

    1. Contact the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services to schedule a  Request for Services Meeting (RSM). Schedule this meeting in advance of the start of the semester, if possible. Time is needed to review documentation as well as to determine assessment accommodations, if requested.
      Voice: 978-556-3654
    2. Fill out an Application for Services (PDF)
    3. Bring copies, not originals, of disability documentation. These should include a stated diagnosis of your disability such as:
      • Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder
      • Autism Spectrum or Asperger’s Syndrome
      • Brain Injury
      • Chronic Illness
      • Learning Disability
      • Low Vision/Blind/Legally Blind
      • Physical Disability
      • Psychiatric or Neurobiological Disorder
      • Seizure Disorder

    Accommodations Approval

    After the Request for Services Meeting has been completed and documentation has been submitted, it is reviewed by a professional team at the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services and a specific accommodation plan will be recommended.

    Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations will only apply from the date of the Semester Accommodations Meeting, going forward. Accommodations approved will not apply to course work or tests that were required to be completed prior to this.

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