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Learning Accommodations

Updated Contact Information

The Learning Accommodations Center is scheduling remote appointments from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There are no face to face appointments being scheduled at this time. Communications can be flexible based on student’s needs and may consist of the following communication options: Email, Phone, Zoom, Skype, and Text Messaging.

To get started students may contact us as outlined below:

Connect With the Services You Need to Succeed at NECC

If you are a student with documented disabilities or are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, the Learning Accommodations Center can connect you to the services you need to succeed at NECC.

The Learning Accommodations Center, located on both the Haverhill and Lawrence Campuses, determines the types of resources that will provide equal access to students with a documented disability who are enrolled in credit or noncredit courses.

NOTE: Students who have a disability but do not anticipate a need for accommodations or services while at NECC are also encouraged to register with the LA Center.

Disability related documentation is kept strictly confidential, and students can present documentation without requesting services or accommodations. Should an unanticipated need for services or accommodations arise, the LA Center can begin to assist the student without delay if their disability related documentation is already on file.

Go to LA Center Our Process page to get started.

Potential Accommodations and Support Services Include but are not Limited to:


Support Services:

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