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Prepare for Your Career with an NECC Internship

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Internships provide you with a great opportunity to gain real-word experience and insight into a career. As an NECC student, you can earn credit through an internship course or you can pursue internships independently for experience.


Open Internships


NECC Internship Education Course

The Internship Education COP110 course is designed to help students in business, accounting, journalism, communications, and CIS programs gain real-world work experience, while receiving support from Career Services and Internship Program Faculty. Students can search and apply for internships through Handshake. Once hired for an internship, students are able to submit the experience for approval. If approved, the student can earn academic credits for that internship experience. These credits will go towards a free or program elective, depending on your major. In general, students are required to work 120 hours and to participate in career development activities through the internship class. Internship experiences for credit are available year round, during the fall, spring and summer semesters. For more information on the internship Education COP110 class, please contact Katie Yeaton-Hromada at 978-556-3947 or


Disney Internships

Experience Disney World in their unique “Living, Learning, and Earning” opportunity as a cast member in the Disney World College Program.

College students in good academic standing may qualify to participate in this opportunity and earn college credit at the same time. In addition to electing three to six cooperative education credits, students may also qualify for other course credits when they enroll in one or more of the various courses offered onsite at Disney World.

For more information visit the Disney World College Program website.

For more information on Disney Internships, or for a personal appointment, please contact Bob West at (978) 556-3851 or email



Micro-Internships provide the opportunity for students to pursue short-term, professional, paid work experiences through Micro-Internships which can be completed remotely. Through Micro-Internships, students can demonstrate their skills, explore career paths, and develop their professional networks. These paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and students can be selected for multiple Micro-Internships. To learn more visit the NECC Micro-Internship website.

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