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Recruiting Policy

By participating in any of Northern Essex Community College’s career-related services or events, you agree that your organization is an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers employment regardless of gender, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national or ethnic origin, gender identity or sexual orientation. Northern Essex Community College reserves the right to accept or decline any postings submitted through Handshake. Only currently enrolled Northern Essex students or alumni are eligible for participation in our campus recruitment programs and services. Employers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source.

Internship Compensation Policy

Northern Essex Community College strongly encourages “for profit” employers to compensate interns for the significant value they add to your organization. Paid internships create additional incentives and increase the competition within the applicant pool. Companies who wish to post an unpaid internship on Handshake must make it clear in that posting that the position is unpaid. All companies are encouraged to review the criteria of the U.S. Department of Labor under the Fair Labor Standards Act. For more information on average internship compensation, please refer to NACE’s 2012 Guide to Compensation for Interns & Co-ops.

Northern Essex Community College students who are enrolled in an academic program and who are in good academic standing are eligible to participate in our three credit academic internship course. This for-credit internship program is managed by the appropriate academic program coordinators, along with the internship program coordinator. While participating in the internship program, site supervisors will be asked to evaluate both the student’s performance and internship program.

Additional Helpful Information for Employers

Dedicating an internship coordinator within your organization can help the internship process run smoother for all parties. This dedicated person should be in charge of the following activities: creating job descriptions, coordinating pay rate and hour requirement, and posting the position onto Handshake. All internship job posts should include the following valuable information:

  • Background information about the company
  • Goals of the position
  • Pay rate and hour requirements
  • Notification if the position is unpaid
  • Required skills and competencies

Employers can create an account and post a position to Handshake.

Students and Alumni

Career Services Disclaimer

For those NECC students who have been accepted into and are participating in the College’s three credit internship course, Northern Essex Community College uses reasonable efforts to ensure the legitimacy and appropriateness of employers and their job posts to hire students in this course. For all internship or job opportunities available to students and alumni though Handshake, the College makes no representations or promises as to the quality or character of the employers or opportunities being offered. Before applying to any position on Handshake, be sure to look at the company’s website to ensure its legitimacy and to determine if the employer’s email address is from a company’s valid email account. If you have questions or concerns regarding the legitimacy of an employer account or job posting, please contact 978-556-3947.

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