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Student Ambassadors at NECC

Our student ambassadors are seasoned pros at NECC. They’re experts at online classes and Blackboard and connecting you with all of the amazing resources at NECC. 

Our student ambassadors are ready to answer questions you might have about:

  • Blackboard
  • Technology 
  • Zoom
  • Getting connected with the right resources at NECC

They are here to help when you have questions and get you connected with the right services at NECC. You can text any of our student ambassadors using the text number next to each of their names. You can also email us directly at 

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Business & Accounting

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Abu Koroma

My name is Abu Koroma and I am a student of Northern Essex Community College. I am in the business transfer program at NECC and this will be my first time as a student ambassador. I was once helped by a student ambassador, and now I am an ambassador myself. I like the idea of helping others who are struggling with work or issues in school and making them s easier so they don’t have to continue to struggle. I was once at that point and understand the feeling. I am ready to embrace the challenge of being an ambassador and helping my fellow students through their college journey and problems on campus.

Text me: (978) 490-1978

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Jordana Cepeda

Hello, my name is Jordana and I’m a Student Ambassador at NECC. I’ve been a student at the school for a year and a half now and I’m studying business. From my own experience taking online classes, I know it can be hard finding a balance so I’m here to help. You may receive an email, phone call, or text from me. Hope you have a great semester!

Text me: (978) 678-5970

Health Professions

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Crislania Baez

Hey everyone my name is Crislania Baez and I’m your NECC student ambassador . I know that balance online classes and life can be hard , but I am here to help you along the way! You may receive a text email or a phone call from me. I hope you have a great semester!

Text Me: (978) 997-8186

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Naomi Nunez

My name is Naomi Nunez. I am currently taking courses to enter the Nursing Program.  Since classes will be mostly online I understand for some students navigating through blackboard can be intimidating. I want to be able to help other students, who find blackboard challenging, succeed in their courses.

Text me: (978) 581-0738

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Sean Sullivan

Hi, My name is Sean Sullivan, and I am in a general studies program, with a Health Specialization direction. This is my 3rd semester at Northern Essex , I graduated High School 8 years ago but I am excited to be here continuing my education, later rather than never!

Text me: (978) 997-8933

Liberal Arts

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Sarah Pachano

My name is Sarah Pachano and I’m an NECC student ambassador. I’m also part of the student government and I am the school student trustee. My main goal is to focus on improving the overall student life experience for all NECC students and to help you in any way I can. This are difficult times school/life balance can be difficult to manage. We all have been in a point where we need some extra help, so please don’t ever doubt to reach out if ever need it.

Text Me: (978) 878-3780

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MacKenzie Lio-MacDougall

My name is MacKenzie Lio-MacDougall, I am a new student ambassador at Northern Essex Community College. I am in my third year working for my Associates in Psychology. I am excited to be graduating this upcoming Spring semester. I am also excited to be given the opportunity to help others especially during the arduous times of the pandemic. With that being said, asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of and it can bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Text me: (978) 547-8897

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Daniel Luddy

My name is Daniel Luddy, a guest student at Northern Essex Community College. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UMass Lowell, I decided to come to NECC to expand my skillset into art and writing. It’s no surprise then that I have a thing for the arts and writing, and know how to write my way through exam period. The transition to online learning hasn’t been easy, and I know for many NECC students, it has never been easy to begin with. Together, I believe we can sit down to formulate the right plan to help you navigate through both college life and daily life, as a student should never have to sacrifice one for the other. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Text Me: (978) 597-7097

Professional Studies

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Dylan Fontaine

My name is Dylan Fontaine and I am studying Human Services here at NECC. It can be hard figuring out how to manage everyday things on top of going to school, and I know that from being a student and an eSports member. Being a student ambassador, I aim to make sure that you’re able to manage your life here at NECC and to be successful! Don’t be afraid to text me if any questions pop up!

Text me: (978) 997-8043

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Eudania Aquino

Hello, My name is Eudania Aquino but everyone calls me Chucha. I have been with NECC on and off since 2009, and am I’m currently major in Human Services. I look forward to graduate next December 2022.

I also work specifically with our ESL students at NECC.

Text me: (978) 297-8454

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Jessica Newey

I’m Jessica Newey and I’m in the Interpreter Training Program at NECC. As a mom and a student, I know that the community around you can aid in your success. As a Student Ambassador, I hope to be a part of your community and support you in your online classes here at NECC. 

Text me: (978)581-0920

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Skylar Underwood

My name is Skylar Underwood (they/them). I am a new student ambassador here at Northern Essex Community College. This is my second semester at NECC working towards my associate in Educational Studies and I look forward to graduating in the spring of 2023. I am excited to be given the opportunity to help other students with online classes after I had a difficult start myself during the pandemic. Having a whole team of people who can lift you up is one of the things that makes Northern Essex such a wonderful community. I look forward to helping you achieve you dreams and goals here at NECC. 

Text me: (978)547-8797



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Mariela Cueva

My name is Mariela Cueva and I am an Alumna of NECC with a degree in the Business Transfer Program.   While finishing my Business program I became interested in NECC’s  Computer Science Transfer Program and hope to graduate in 2021 -2022.  During my time at NECC, I worked in The Center Business and Accounting and the Professional Studies.   I loved the experience of interacting with students, and faculty.  I had the unique  opportunity to bring my experience as a student and my professional experience into working with students in the Center.  Now, I am embracing the challenge of bringing the Center experience virtually to students as a Student Ambassador while helping students navigate the college, their courses, and campus life.

Text me: (978) 222-7683

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Christopher Jimenez

My name is Christopher Jimenez and I’m a Computer Science student at Northern Essex Community College. I’m currently wrapping up my Associate Degree and it is my hope that as a Student Ambassador, I will be able to help students find the right paths and choices for themselves. Having struggled through online learning and trying to find the right work-life balance, I believe that everyone is capable of making it through college! I hope that through this program, we can all find success and conquer our challenges.

Text me: (978) 678-5797


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