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Student Ambassadors at NECC

Our student ambassadors are seasoned pros at NECC. They’re experts at online classes and Blackboard and connecting you with all of the amazing resources at NECC. 

Our student ambassadors are ready to answer questions you might have about:

  • Blackboard
  • Technology 
  • Zoom
  • Getting connected with the right resources at NECC

They are here to help when you have questions and get you connected with the right services at NECC.

Chat with us:

Use the Live Chat feature on the right side of the screen to speak to a student ambassador now. 

    • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 9 am // 5 pm – 9 pm
    • Saturday – Sunday: 12 pm – 9 pm

If we are offline,  the button will bring you to the Library chat. You can also  email us directly at 

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Business & Accounting

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Gregory Joseph

I started at NECC last Fall and that was the greatest decision I have ever made.  This Fall of 2020 will be my last semester to graduate for both majors. I am very excited to share my experience, help other students and give back to the community after all this College has helped me accomplish. I feel very honored to help my fellow students towards this new path and guide anyone who needs help understanding any concept about their on-line course. I am an enthusiastic person, compassionate, very open minded, flexible, and very understanding. 

Text me: (978) 581-0754

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Jack Tynan

My name’s Jack Tynan and I’m glad to be a part of the first wave of student ambassadors this semester at NECC! I am a business transfer major with interests in both accounting and management specifically. By coming together as students and collaborating I hope that we can breeze through these online classes!

Text me: (978) 581-0624

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Mariela Cueva

My name is Mariela Cueva and I am an Alumna of NECC with a degree in the Business Transfer Program.   While finishing my Business program I became interested in NECC’s  Computer Science Transfer Program and hope to graduate in 2021 -2022.  During my time at NECC, I worked in The Center Business and Accounting and the Professional Studies.   I loved the experience of interacting with students, and faculty.  I had the unique  opportunity to bring my experience as a student and my professional experience into working with students in the Center.  Now, I am embracing the challenge of bringing the Center experience virtually to students as a Student Ambassador while helping students navigate the college, their courses, and campus life.

Text me: (978) 222-7683

Health Professions

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Angela Spaulding

Hello my is Angela Spaulding and I’m from Haverhill, MA. I’m going into my second year at Northern Essex Community College currently in the General Studies major with an end goal to be a Physician Assistant! I want to help students at NECC because not only having to do school is hard but during a pandemic is even harder. I want to be the shoulder and stress reliever for every student!

Text me: (978) 581-0554

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Giana Perez

My name is Giana Perez and I am a student in the Public Health Program. To be a peer ambassador for a student at NECC will be an honor to know that I am just an email or phone call away in helping you be as successful as possible. My number one goal is to be helpful in any problems that you may face this semester with any class.

Text me: (978) 581-0861

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Naomi John

I am in the Public Health major. I would like to help students at NECC because I believe that motivation has a huge role in student success. I would like to help motivate students by checking in with them and ensuring they have the necessary resources to succeed and continue to have the best experience at NECC.

Text me: (978) 581-0683

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Naomi Nunez

My name is Naomi Nunez. I am currently taking courses to enter the Nursing Program.  Since classes will be mostly online I understand for some students navigating through blackboard can be intimidating. I want to be able to help other students, who find blackboard challenging, succeed in their courses.

Text me: (978) 581-0738

Liberal Arts

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Andrew Venditti

My name is Andrew Venditti and I’m a Journalism/Communications student at NECC. From my own personal experience with school, I know that succeeding in college can be a real challenge. That’s why as a Student Ambassador, I’m looking forward to helping fellow students get the most out of their education during these especially difficult times.

Text me: (978) 581-0749

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Luis Raudales

My name is Luis Raudales, I am Honduran, and I speak English and Spanish. I am about to start my third semester in the Liberal Arts program, Writing Option.  Whenever I have found myself in an unfamiliar situation I have always reach out for help.  Fortunately, there has always been someone to guide me, and facilitate the accomplishment of my goal. Over time, I also had the opportunity to help other people who needed some kind of guidance and thus I discovered how rewarding it is for me to provide my help to others.

Text me: (978) 581-0792

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Michelle Colbert-Mason

Hi Everyone! I’m Michelle, a communications/journalism student here at Northern Essex Community College. Since I’ve taken multiple courses online and enjoyed their many benefits, as a student ambassador I want to help and support other students in having the smoothest and best online experience possible. Together, we can have a great virtual learning experience at NECC this semester. Go knights! 

Text me: (978) 581-0848

Professional Studies

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Amine Ekinci

 My name is Amine Berra Ekinci! I am a business transfer and hospitality management student. I will be transferring to UMass Lowell next year for my bachelors degree. I want to be a personal point of contact for students at NECC to feel more connected, help answer their questions, accomplish their goals and feeling more comfortable.

Text me: (978) 581-0735

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Emma Atwood

Hello, my name is Emma. I’m going into my sophomore year at NECC. I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice. My goal is to help student find their way around the college and provide them with resources to get them through their year.

Text me: (978) 396-9313

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Sabrina Powers

Hello! My name is Sabrina and I am currently studying Human Services at NECC. I believe that every student deserves the chance to succeed in their education, regardless of the circumstances. I would like to be able to assist students through this transition period in their learning adventure!

Text me: (978) 581-0618


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Alex Clawson

My name is Alex, I am father and a tech enthusiast. I am currently pursuing an associates degree in information technology. I remember how daunting college seemed when I was first starting and that is why I would like to help in anyway possible.

Text me: (978) 581-0774

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Mayerley Astacio

Hello! My name is Mayerley Astacio, I’m an Engineering Science student. I want to help students at NECC as a student ambassador because I have needed help in the past and my years at NECC have taught me a lot about the college. I feel capable of helping my fellow students to succeed!

Text me: (978) 581-0585


Audrey Ellis

Director of Student Success Management


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