Jul 02 2022 10:19:52

Important Update: April 4, 2020

A member of the Northern Essex community has tested positive for coronavirus/COVID-19 and is under quarantine.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been given all information relative to the case, including when the employee was last on campus, when their symptoms started, and the date of a positive test. After reviewing the details, the MDPH has advised the College that this case does not present a risk of exposure to anyone on our campus and no further action is required at this time.

It’s important that we respect the privacy rights of the individual, so I hope you’ll understand that we can’t provide more specific information on this case. Please know that we will continue to follow the proper protocols established by the CDC and MDPH as cases are reported, and that we will adhere strictly to whatever the MDPH advises.

As we have indicated previously, the CDC recommends that you use reasonable precautions in order to maintain your health and prevent the spread of all respiratory conditions, including:

At this time, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of staying off campus grounds unless you are scheduled, or have college/supervisor approval as it’s absolutely necessary. We also urge all members of our community to continue to practice social distancing and take the necessary precautions to protect your health and the health of your family. If you have any questions about how the virus has impacted the college, please visit the College’s website for coronavirus updates and resources. We will continue to keep you updated.

Mike McCarthy
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

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