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Program Keeps Students on Track

Submitted by on March 15, 2011 – 12:00 pm

Beginning in April, NECC academic advisors will have a new tool, DegreeWorks, to help them develop and personalize academic plans for students. The students, in turn, will be able to access and review their plans 24 hours a day. Advisors will train the students when they come in for advanced registration at the beginning of the month.

DegreeWorks, is a web-based advisement tool, that enhances the student and advisor’s control over whether the student is enrolled in the correct courses to complete graduation requirements in their program of study.

Accessed through the “My NECC” button on the NECC website, students can use it as a road map to insure they are on the right track. With a few clicks of the mouse, DegreeWorks matches students’ academic and course history against the degree requirements in the course catalog. Students can independently view the degree requirements and identify the courses he or she still needs to complete in order to receive their associate degree or certificate.

Advisors, in turn, can use DegreeWorks as a tool to evaluate a student’s progress.

Perhaps the most important feature of DegreeWorks is the “planner” tab which serves as a communication tool between the student and advisor.

There is a helpful “What If” tab that allows students to plug in a program different from the one they are in to see how credits already taken will apply. They can also plug in a course they are considering enrolling in and see how it will apply toward degree requirements.

In addition, students can view the schedule of classes and select the courses they want to take. They will have access to the course description as well as pre- and co- requisites as well as possible graduation dates.

To see the DegreeWorks overview sign on to “My NECC” go to “self service” click on the faculty tab and then the DegreeWorks link.