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At Northern Essex, Public Safety is a High Priority

Public Safety personnel are on duty 24 hours each day at the Haverhill campus and during operating hours at the Lawrence campus. Security services are contracted from independent security companies.

In addition to conducting foot and mobile patrols of the campuses on a regular basis, Public Safety provides assistance in emergency situations, investigates suspicious activities and intercedes in volatile situations. They work closely with local and state police when incidents may require the response of law enforcement officers. Public Safety is responsible for a wide range of safety services including the preparation of crime reports and the preliminary investigation of crimes, medical or fire emergencies and accidents. While security personnel are not sworn law enforcement officers, they do receive regular in-service training in security procedures.

Emergency Preparedness

Mock emergency drills have been conducted on the Haverhill Campus and soon a drill will also be held in Lawrence. These drills help the college and public safety test its Emergency Response Plan and assess how that plan can be improved.

Education is also an important part of the college’s approach to public safety at Northern Essex. The college regularly offers workshops for faculty, staff, and students on topics such as personal safety and self-defense. The college also offers a variety of resources online devoted to public safety. The college also participates in awareness campaigns such as the Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something”.

Local Partnerships

A hallmark of the college’s public safety efforts is its close relationships with area fire and police. Our public safety staff work in partnership with local first responders. On NECC’s Haverhill Campus, the Essex County correction officers and a local municipal police training academy have training facilities on-site.

Public Safety Escort

If requested, Public Safety officers can provide a safety escort to your vehicle. Officers will respond as soon as possible, however, emergency or high-priority calls may delay the response for the escort. If this occurs, persons should remain in a secure location until Public Safety arrives. To request an escort, contact Public Safety at: Haverhill Campus: 978-556-3689 or Ext. 3689, Lawrence Campus: 978-655-5939 or Ext. 5939, or Riverwalk Campus: 978-659-1299 or Ext. 1299. In case of an emergency on any campus call 978-556-3333 or dial Ext. 3333.

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