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Explore your creativity!

NECC is the perfect place to express yourself… Whether you are interested in music, theater, writing, or art, we have you covered!

Each of these creative opportunities is integrated into credit-bearing classes.


NECC Observer – Student Newspaper

Are you interested in writing, editing, or layout design? Then get involved with the college newspaper, The NECC Observer. Our award-winning newspaper is the independent voice of NECC students. It also serves to inform the college community while providing a public forum for students, faculty, and staff to share their opinions.

NECC Observer


Parnassus – Literary Arts Magazine

Parnassus is our award-winning student-staffed magazine that is published annually. The content of the magazine is made up entirely of student (and some NECC staff) writing and artwork.



Music Ensembles

The NECC Music Program offers all students of all musical abilities the chance to participate in a variety of musical ensembles. Each ensemble meets throughout the semester and can be taken for class credit. There are several different kinds of ensembles to choose from, including: jazz/rock, chorus, and chamber choir.

Music Ensembles


NECC Theater

Can you be silly or serious? Sing or dance? Whether you want to shine in the spotlight or be a key behind the scenes player, there’s a part waiting for you in NECC’s theater troupe. NECC Theater produce three plays a year, raging from Shakespearean dramas to musicals and farces to plays by contemporary authors.

NECC Theater


Performance Venues

Our Top Notch Players make the intimate Chester W. Hawrylciw Theater their home. The Linda Hummel-Shea ArtSpace Gallery on our Haverhill campus features art created by NECC students, faculty, and artists from around the region and the world. The Lawrence Art Gallery and the White Fund Enlightenment Series bring arts events and lectures to our Lawrence campus.

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