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Newman Civic Fellowship

As part of NECC’s commitment to civic engagement, President Glenn nominates one student for the Newman Civic Fellowship  through Campus Compact each year.  Named for the Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, this year-long fellowship is an opportunity for a civically and community engaged students to develop skills, cultivate assets, and pursue their passions towards social change. 

The fellowship recognizes students who:

  • Engage in collaborative action with others from campus or from surrounding communities in order to create long-term social change
  • Take action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization
  • Demonstrate the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement
  • In addition, students must meet several other requirements to be considered.

Interested in nominating a NECC student?  Email Francellis Quiñones.

Current and Past Newman Civic Fellows

Picture of Sarah Pachano    2023-2024: Sarah Pachano

Picture of student Raquel Quezada  2022-2023: Raquel Quezada

2021-2022: Andrew Venditti, Class of 2022

  2020-2021:  Courtney Morin

2019-2020:  Katherine Hailson, Class of 2019

     2018-2019:  Jonah Adamsky

For information on the Newman Civic Fellowship and its requirements, please visit the Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellowship website.



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