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A Childrens Behavioral Health Specialist talking to two children and their caregiver at home.

Prepare for a Career in Behavioral Health Helping Children and Families

If you are looking to help treat children, adolescents, and their families with behavioral health issues, NECC’s Children’s Behavioral Health Specialist Certificate is for you. It will give you the skills you need to work with children and families who are suffering from stress related to issues such as substance abuse, suicide ideation, trauma, poverty, and mental health issues.

Why Choose NECC?

With NECC’s Children’s Behavioral Health Specialist Certificate, you will gain knowledge and skills from instructors who are trained and experienced in working with children and their families. With this program you will:

  • Complete 150 hours supervised field work in an agency that treats children and their families
  • Develop the ability to effectively communicate with professional teams, agencies, youth, and their families about all aspects of mental health treatment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of necessary factors in coordinating care and navigating community systems to support client treatment goals, while observing and abiding by the legal and ethical constraints laid out by the state of Massachusetts, Department of Mental Health, and The Department of Children and Families.

Because of NECC

Upon completion of the Children’s Behavioral Health Specialist Certificate program, you will be prepared to directly enter the workforce in an entry-level position, or transfer credits to an associate or bachelor’s degree. You can:

  • Transfer all 19 credits to NECC’s Human Services Associate Degree
  • Earn the 19 credit certificate full or part time
  • Be prepared to work professionally with children and their families


Courses and Requirements



Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Brian MacKenna-Rice, Program Coordinator

Office: C-304 M
Phone: 978-556-3331

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