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A Better Way to Learn? Come Find Out For Yourself

Learning communities bring together two different courses, as well as two faculty members, to provide you with an integrated learning experience that emphasizes hands-on, activity-based learning.

Enhance Learning, Accelerate Earned Credits

For example, the history and literature learning community helps bring history to life through readings, museum trips, attending live performances, and listening to musical recordings from a specific time in history. You’ll enjoy a more engaging learning experience while earning credits for two courses.

Be a Part of a Community of Learners

Students in learning communities often work in partnerships or small teams. A collaborative approach – between two faculty members or between two or more students – helps improve teaching and learning for all participants while creating a supportive environment in which most students thrive. Time and time again students tell us that their learning community classes was their favorite academic experience at NECC.

Hear What Students Have to Say About NECC’s Learning Communities

View video on the NECC YouTube Channel.


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