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Over 25? Tuition might be 100% free! Learn how

You Can Afford College at NECC!

You know a college degree is a great investment in your future, but the soaring costs of higher education can be overwhelming. At Northern Essex Community College, we are committed to making earning a degree a reality for you. We offer a high quality education at an affordable price, and our tuition and fees are some of the lowest in the region. Additionally, over 65% of our students receive financial aid, helping to make attending college – and earning that degree – a reality.

Cost of Attendance

At NECC, you will get a quality education at an affordable cost – without getting crushed by a lot of debt! In addition to financial aid and scholarships, we also offer convenient online payment options, and a helpful payment plan to help you achieve your goals.  MORE Learn more about tuition costs

Financial Aid

Financial aid can help you pay for the costs of attending NECC – including tuition and fees, books, and other expenses (room and board, transportation, and personal costs). Financial aid can help make achieving your dreams possible, so apply today! MORE Learn more about types of aid


A typical 3-credit course
costs about $750


Over 65% or our students
receive financial aid


You Can Save Thousands
on a Bachelor’s Degree!

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