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ALL Northern Essex Community College student bills are sent electronically (e-Statements). Students and authorized users will now be able to view their student bill online, e-Statements display the same information as paper statements: charges for tuition, fees, as well as payments, financial aid credits, and pending financial aid.

How the e-Statements Work?

  • NECC will send an email to students and authorized users indicating the e-Statements is ready to be viewed. e-Statements will be available for immediate viewing in our secure online environment.
  • Students may authorize parents, guardians, employers or other individuals to access their student account records. Once authorized, users will receive an email with login credentials which can be used to access the student’s online information and the e-Statements.
  • Authorized users will be able to print or save the e-Statements, pay with check or make online Credit/Debit Card or ACH (Bank Account) payments from within Online Billing.

e-Statements Help

Where Will e-Statements Notifications Be Sent?

  • For students, e-Statements will be sent to your NECC Student email address. All other authorized users for your account will also receive an email notification.

How Do I Authorize Someone Else to View or Pay My Student Bill?

  • Login to Online Billing click on the “Authorized Users” under the “My Account” tab near the top left of the screen.
  • Under the “Add Authorized User” area enter the authorized user’s email address. Allow them access to view and pay your bills and/or view your payment history by clicking on “Yes” and then selecting “Continue.”
  • Read the information on the “Agreement to Add Authorized User” screen, and click “Agree” and then click “Continue.”
  • Your authorized user’s email address will serve as their log in username. It is also where they’ll receive messages about your bill.
  • Their username and a randomly assigned password will be emailed to them.

How Do I Become an Authorized User?

Where Will e-Statement Notifications Be Sent?

  • If a third party sponsor, parents or guardians normally pays your bill and they don’t have access to a computer, you’ll be able to print the bill and send it to them or simply provide them with the balance due, your NECC ID number and the payment mailing address listed on the bill.
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