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Federal Direct Stafford Loan Application Process

Most students are awarded a Federal Direct Loan as part of their Financial Aid Package. To accept, decline, or adjust the amount of your loan please follow the steps below. If you were not awarded a Direct Loan and you wish to borrow a loan or if you were awarded a Direct Loan but wish to increase your loan, please complete a Direct Loan Request Form as the first step in this process.

Step 1: Log into myNECC using your myNECC ID and Password

Step 2: Select the “Financial Aid” Tab

Step 3: Under Financial Aid awards click on Award by Aid Year

Step 4: To see your award, select the “Award Overview” tab

Step 5: Complete the authorizations on the Resources/Additional Information Tab if you have not done so prior

Step 6: To accept your loan(s), select the “Accept Award Offer” tab.

Options for Accepting Award Offers

  1. Accept the full award amount.
  2. Choose Decline.
  3. To accept a partial amount, select Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field.

Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling (First time NECC Borrowers)

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling is a federal requirement for all students borrowing a Federal Direct Loan for the first time at Northern Essex Community College. To complete the Entrance Counseling, you will be required to use your Federal Student Aid (FSA) username and password. Once the entrance interview has been completed, do not forget to choose Northern Essex Community College (School Code 002174) in Massachusetts so your confirmation is forwarded to us.

Direct Federal Loan Promissory Note (First time NECC Borrowers)

The Direct Federal Loan Promissory Note is a legally binding agreement to repay the student loan. This agreement is between the student and the Department of Education. A parent cannot complete the Direct Stafford Loan promissory note on the student’s behalf. To complete the Promissory Note online, you will be required to use your Federal Student Aid (FSA) username and password. You will also need to have available the complete names, addresses and telephone numbers of two adult references who live at different addresses (although one may live at the same address as you) and have known you for at least three years. These references are two individuals who will always know your current address and telephone number.

Complete Your Entrance Counseling and Promissory Note Today

PLEASE NOTE: The Direct Loan funds will not disburse to your student account until you have accepted your loan through myNECC, completed the Entrance Counseling requirement, the Master Promissory Note and we have received confirmation from the Department of Education that all requirements have been satisfactorily completed.

If you have any questions regarding either the completion of Direct Loan Entrance Counseling or the Direct Loans program at Northern Essex Community College, contact the Financial Aid Office at

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