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Students at the NECC campus smiling with the text Goals next to it

Improve student support services through a holistic approach that removes barriers to enrollment and achievement.

NECC will examine barriers to equity, college entry and success. The Integrated Student Experience (ISE) sets a foundation on which we will build, focusing on the entirety of the student when on and off campus to ensure equitable outcomes.


  1. Enhance connections and services between the academic centers and other support areas and increase student use of support services.
    Created from the ISE, the academic centers are designed to enhance a sense of belonging for many students.
  2. Enhance outreach to students about available college services and resources.
    To improve success, students need to have clear direction when navigating the varied college departments and services.
  3. Leverage available data to identify and understand enrollment patterns and demographic characteristics of students not entering, persisting, or completing our college programs, especially through an equity lens.
  4. Continue to expand and refine targeted student support, outreach, and interventions through our ISE, SOAR, PACE, and Student Ambassador programs.
    We will improve coordination across our many support systems to provide a streamlined experience for our students.
  5. Reduce barriers to success for students enrolling in online courses by providing intentional advisement, robust support, and additional faculty distance education training.
    Emphasis will be placed on making sure students, particularly Hispanic students, have the necessary support to succeed in online courses.


  • Increase Six-Year Comprehensive Student Success Rate to 67%.
  • Eliminate the equity gap between Hispanic and white students.
  • Increase Successful Course Completion Ratexiii (SCCR) to 74%.
  • Increase student retention rates from semester to semester by 5%.
  • Determine a baseline optimum new enrollment goal based upon a realistic funding model and community statistics and increase it annually at a rate of 1%.
  • Formally compile Sense of Belonging Dataset to analyze relationship between sense of belonging, student engagement, and student outcomes within one fiscal year. Determine targets after analysis has been conducted to close gaps wherever they exist.
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