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Workforce & Community

The great majority of Northern Essex alumni continue to live and work locally after graduation, which is just one of the reasons local employers are so interested in partnering with the college.

These employers serve on one of our 20 program advisory boards; hire our interns and graduates; and come to us with their workforce training needs. These connections benefit our students as well as employers, who count on Northern Essex for a well-trained workforce and solutions to their workforce challenges.

For Our Community

Northern Essex is proud to offer all sorts of education opportunities for our community. Whether you’re looking for an ESOL career program, improved computer skills, a date night cooking class, or training for professional certifications, we got you. 

After all, “community” IS in our name! 

For Our Community


Explore what NECC has to offer!

For Employers

Northern Essex partners with employers both large and small to help them get the best out of their teams. Need a custom solution to help train your employees? Could your workers benefit from professional development programs? How about a secure and proctored testing environment?

NECC can help with all of that and so much more.

For Employers


How can we help add value?


NECC helped six companies obtain over $800,000 in Workforce Training Fund grants.


Over 2,300 people learned new skills in non-credit courses and certificate programs.


Our Adult Education Programs have been awarded $412,000 in grants and contracts.

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