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Requests for Bids

Bid # & Description Related Documents Bid Opening Amount
NECC21-FAC001 – Chiller and Pump Overhaul 

Bid docs available Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Fri, Mar 5th, 10:00am Awarded to Carrier Corporation – $162,590.00
NECC20-FAC006 – Paving and Accessibility Upgrades Bid docs available Wed, Dec, 1, 2020 Fri, Dec 18th, 10:00am Awarded to Sunshine Paving Corporation – $875,000.00
NECC20-FAC005 – RTU Replacement Bid docs available Wed, Oct. 21st on  Wed, Nov 4th, 10:00am Awarded to Ambient Temperature Corporation – $112,400.00

NECC20-FAC004 – Duct Cleaning Services

Questions and Responses

Addenda no 1

Revised, Tues Sept 29th, 10:00am

Awarded to Air Duct Services – rate contract

Bid Opening Register

NECC20-FAC003 – Sewage Pump Replacement Bid docs available on Wed, Aug 19th, 10:00am Awarded to Ardent Group Inc. – $56,995,00
NECC20-AF001 Security Services Questions and Responses Pre-bid attendance list Thurs, Feb 27, 2020 at 10 am Awarded to SecurAmerica LLC – rate contract
NECC19-AA001 Competency-based Pathways in Early Education and Healthcare Questions and Responses Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 10 am Awarded to Volta Learning Group  $100,900
NECC19-FAC003 Behrakis Student Center Accessibility Upgrade Bid docs available on Wed, May 8, 2019  Awarded to Campbell Construction Group – $528,418.00
NECC19-FAC002 Dimitry Building Acoustical Ceiling and Tile Replacement   Fri, March 29, 2019  Awarded to One Source Construction – $52,732.00
NECC19-FAC001 Dimitry Building Flooring Update   Fri, March 29, 2019 Awarded to Atkinson Carpet – $64,333.00
NECC18-FAC005 Waste Removal & Recycling Services   Mon, Oct 29, 2018 Awarded to JRM Recycling and Hauling – Rate contract
NECC18-FAC003-Winter Services   Thurs, Aug 23, 2018 Haverhill Campus Contract Awarded to Merrill Excavating, Lawrence Campus Contract Awarded to Belko Landscaping – Rate contract
NECC18-FAC002 Janitorial Services   Wed, May 2, 2018  Awarded to CSI International $2,413,666.34
NECC18-FAC001 Behrakis Student Center Accessibility Upgrades N/A CANCELLED N/A

More Information

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For specific and detailed requirements regarding competitive sealed bidding procedures, please visit The Commonwealth of Massachusetts website.

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