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Save money with free textbooks.

Save Money with Free and Low Cost Textbooks

Are you frustrated by the high costs of textbooks? Now you can choose from over seventy-five NECC courses that don’t use traditional textbooks, but instead use free Open Educational Resources (OER). By choosing classes that use OER you can:

  • Save hundreds of dollars on the cost of your textbooks
  • Use your financial aid to buy a laptop and/or a tablet to access these free resources
  • Complete your degree or certificate more quickly (with the money you save on textbooks, you can take an extra class!)

Over 17,000 students have saved more than $2 million on textbooks since fall 2014. Don’t miss out on this great savings!

Check out the courses that use OER on our course search tool and select the check box for “Low-cost/No-cost textbooks” under Free Access. You may also view more detailed instructions here.

More Information

For more information about free and low cost textbooks or OER, please contact Sue Tashijan at 978-556-3686 or or Jody Carson at 978-556-3361 or

Additional Textbook Resources

The Library provides students access to textbooks through Course Reserves. You may also use excess financial aid to purchase textbooks and supplies at the NECC Bookstore. For more information about resources available, please contact them directly.

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