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A student in the Community Health Worker Certificate program listens patiently to a man, while taking notes
Are you interested in a career in health care where you can help both individuals and the community? At NECC you can prepare for a career as a community health worker, providing health education, assisting with accessing health care services, collecting statistics and coordinating care for individuals in your community.

Why Choose NECC?

All classes in the Community Health worker certificate are offered in hybrid format and generally require attendance in Lawrence one to two evenings per week. The Fall semesters are Monday evenings, and Winter/Spring are Mondays and Thursdays. You will also be able to apply your credits earned to an Associate Degree in Public Health or an Associate Degree in General Studies Health Specialization With this program, you will:

  • Learn about healthy lifestyles, strategies for delivering public health programs, and public health issues and education
  • Understand how to provide health care referrals, collect statistics, and coordinate care for clients

Because of NECC

The job outlook in this field has grown exponentially and we have an excellent rate of employment from graduates in this program. Students are finding employment as community health workers, health educator and advisor, and health insurance navigators. You will be able to:

  • Work in community based settings, such as homes, schools, clinics, shelters, local businesses, and community centers
  • Conduct community outreach to provide health education, information, and outreach to provide social support, care coordination, health screenings, and advocate for individual and community needs
  • Transfer your credits to earn your Associate Degree in General Studies: Health Specialization or Associates degree in Public Health

CHW Core Competency Training Stand-Alone Option

CHW 110 focuses on the 10 core competencies set by Massachusetts Department of Public Health for the Community Health Worker. Participants may choose to take this as a stand- alone course or enroll in the full NECC certificate for the Community Health Worker.



Courses and Requirements


Program Pathway

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. View the suggested pathway for Community Health Worker.


By Phone

By Phone

Jacqueline Dick, Program Coordinator


By Email

By Email

Jacqueline Dick, Program Coordinator

In Person

In Person

Come to an upcoming information session on either the Lawrence or the Haverhill campus and get all of your questions answered.

Stop by one of our Lawrence or Haverhill campus Career Planning and Advising Centers and meet with an enrollment counselor.

Additional Program Costs

View the Additional Program Costs for the Community Health Worker Certificate Program.

Required Documents



Additional Information

Student Learning Outcomes - Community Health Worker Certificate

Student Learning Outcomes – Community Health Worker Certificate

  • Work with clients to access to resources and gather information to increase their ability to navigate the health care systems.
  • Work with clients to facilitate access to resources and increase the client’s ability to navigate the health care systems
  • Integrate communication strategies that are responsive to the diversity of culture, clients, community members and professionals.
  • Implement health education plans to promote healthy behaviors address health risks and reduce harm.
  • Integrate student practices to comply with the Massachusetts Code of Ethics for Community Health Workers.
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