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LinkedIn Learning

Northern Essex is excited to offer LinkedIn Learning to anyone with an active or email address.

With LinkedIn Learning, you can access thousands of courses to help you discover and increase your knowledge on business, technology, leadership, teaching, learning, and skills around productivity, communication, interpersonal development. Personalized course recommendations are based on your interests and earned badges and certifications appear on your LinkedIn Profile.

Free access to LinkedIn Learning is available to students and employees through the link below and through Blackboard.

Login to LinkedIn Learning

Ready, Set, Go!

There are many learning paths and courses in LinkedIn Learning to choose from the extensive library. Please take a look at a few suggested courses.

Prefer to learn on the go?

Download the LinkedIn Learning app on your device for a faster and better way to access an entire library of courses anytime, anywhere. Download the app.


Time Management Fundamentals (course)
Get Ahead in Finding a Job After College (learning path)


Thriving @ Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity (course)
Engaging Your Virtual Audience (course)


Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for All (learning path)
Inclusive Instructional Design (course)
Instructional Design: Creating Video Training (course)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

You do not need to have a LinkedIn profile to activate your LinkedIn Learning account. You have the option to choose whether or not to connect it to your Learning account. There are added benefits for learners who do make a connection:

  • Enhanced Q&A with course authors & other learners
  • Personalized content and course recommendations to help you stay up-to-date with what other LinkedIn members (with similar job titles and positions) are also learning
  • Ability to launch content directly from your LinkedIn profile
  • Ability to keep your learning history if you leave NECC
  • Ability to add course completions, certificates & newly learned skills to your profile
  • Deepen your learning with LinkedIn Study Groups after completing a course

There are some benefits of using your LinkedIn Profile when accessing LiL.

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

After you log in, you will be prompted to answer a few questions about your interests to curate content based on your answers. We recommend to take just a few minutes to watch the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course to get you up and running and learn how to get the most from LinkedIn Learning.

What should I do if I already have a LinkedIn Learning account?

What should I do if I already have a LinkedIn Learning account?

If you have a private account with LinkedIn Learning, it doesn’t impact your account with NECC. You may choose to keep your private account and transfer activity between the accounts or cancel your private account. If you have further questions about this, please see the help center within LinkedIn Learning.

What about my privacy and data collection?

What about my privacy and data collection?

If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn won’t share your personal information (such as job search history, connection request, in-mails, and other features) with NECC providing you access to learning; NECC will only have access to your LinkedIn Learning course viewings. The LiL reports provide aggregate user learning activity, such as the content that users are viewing and completing. These reports will only be available to assigned individuals at the institution.

What languages are available in LinkedIn Learning?

What languages are available in LinkedIn Learning?

You will find courses available in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Change the language in your LinkedIn Learning settings if you would like to browse the course library in a different language. To change the language settings of a course, go to LinkedIn Profile to the area about Me / Settings / Content Language. You can also change language in the footer of the LinkedIn Learning page.

What is the difference between a learning path and a collection?

What is the difference between a learning path and a collection?

Learning paths are compiled playlists of related video courses on a specific topic or career track. They include multiple courses by different expert instructors to teach a variety of skills and information associated with that subject or profession. They indicate a specific series of courses and videos taken in sequence.

Collections are also a group of courses and videos related to a specific topic, but they do not have a particular order, and do not need to be watched in sequence.

LinkedIn Learning Support

For additional support or training, contact Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) & Center for Professional Development (CPD) to learn how to use LinkedIn Learning.

For technical issues with LinkedIn Learning, contact LinkedIn Learning Support.

For questions about your NECC login credentials, visit the Technology Help page.

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