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Peer Note Taker Jobs

Become a paid note taker and take lecture notes for a student with a learning or other documented disability or who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Take notes for a class you are enrolled in or a class that fits into your schedule. The Center for Accessibility Resources & Services (CARS) has a list of NECC courses for which a note taker is needed.

The best peer note takers are typically those who possess the following:

Proficiency in, completion of, or waiver for: NECC course in Reading, Writing, Reasoning (RWR).  Or, general proficiency in English listening, reading, and written language.


Currently enrolled in or have completed the course for which they will work as a note taker.


Students who understand what is most important to write down as notes. (If you are not certain of this, ask your professor to take a look at your notes and comment on them.)

Students who print neatly or can take notes on a laptop and email them to the student for whom they are taking notes.

Benefits of being a Peer Note Taker

  • Earn extra cash – CARS pays the Massachusetts minimum wage
  • You may be able to receive credit for community service hours
  • Help your fellow classmates
  • Add experience to your resume
  • Improve your note taking skills

No Experience Necessary! You will need to attend a half-hour hour training session.

Please Note: Students who have note taking services as an accommodation, are not eligible to work as a peer note taker.

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Office Locations:

Haverhill Campus: Student Center, SC111 Lawrence Campus: Dimitry building, Franklin Street, L106 & L128

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