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Providing the Right Fit of Classes for You

The Academic Placement & Testing Center uses a placement test,  ACCUPLACER, which will help to accurately place you in the appropriate English, writing, and math classes to ensure your success.  However, you may be exempt from taking the placement exam.

Exemptions from taking ACCUPLACER

At Northern Essex Community College, the following multiple measures may exempt you from the full or partial ACCUPLACER College Placement Test (CPT).

High School GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • You may be waived if you meet NECC’s Math and Writing GPA placement criteria. Learn more.
SAT Scores
  • If you have SAT scores, you may be waived from the reading and writing assessment. There are no math SAT waivers. Submit your SAT scores to Enrollment Express Services or the Academic Placement & Testing Center. Learn more.
    High School Equivalency HiSET/GED Scores
    • If you have taken the HiSET or GED test and meet HiSET College & Career Readiness Scores or the GED College Ready Scores, you may be waived from the reading, writing and math assessment. Submit your HiSET or GED scores to the Academic Placement & Testing Center. Learn more.
    ACCUPLACER Test Scores
    • If a student has completed Accuplacer at another institution, the Academic Placement & Testing Center will accept the official Accuplacer Individual Score Report (ISR).  You may be waived from the reading, writing and math assessment. Learn more.
    AP Scores
    • The College Board Advanced Placement program (AP) provides participating high schools the opportunity to offer college-level coursework to students in a variety of subject areas. AP scores range from 1 to 5 points. AP scores of 3, 4, 5 are commonly acceptable as the equivalent of college-level course work. Please view the Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policy at NECC.
    Prior Coursework
    • If you have previously attended another college/university, NECC will evaluate successfully completed courses to see if you are exempt from testing. Submit your transcript to

    You Need to Take the ACCUPLACER

    -If you enroll in a degree or certificate program
    -If you enroll in any math, developmental reading, or English Composition I course
    -Before you complete six credits
    -If you are not exempt from taking ACCUPLACER

    This is not a pass/fail test, but you want to do your best as you will be placed in courses according to your results. No appointment is necessary to take the ACCUPLACER (unless you need learning accommodations) and you will want to allow three hours to complete the entire assessment.

    Click here to request testing!

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessment

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessment

    If you are an international student, you may be eligible for direct placement into ESL. If you have taken the language proficiency assessment, Duolingo English Test, and have a minimum of score of 70 or if you have taken the TOEFL iBT with a minimum score of 41, you may be placed in ESL courses at NECC without an additional assessment. Click here.

    If you are enrolling in the ESL Program, you will take the ESL Assessment which will evaluate your reading, and writing levels. When you have completed your ESL Assessment, you will meet with an advisor. The advisor will help you to choose courses for your first semester.

    ESL Assessment is available remotely. Click here to schedule an appointment.

    Learn more about English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and support services.

    Steps required to take the ACCUPLACER

    Steps required to take the ACCUPLACER

      1. You must have an NECC ID number to take the ACCUPLACER.  If you do not, please go to our self-service site and fill out the required form. You will receive your NECC ID number via email within 24 hours.  If you have an NECC ID number continue with step 2 below.
      2. Click here to schedule your appointment.
      3. In addition to your NECC ID number, you must provide a picture ID with you when you come to test.

    For ACCUPLACER Fax/Email information, please go to ACCUPLACER Policies and Regulations.

    Students with Disabilities

    Special accommodations during assessment can be provided for students with documented disabilities. You must make arrangements in advance by contacting the Learning Accommodations Center.

    Tips for Taking the ACCUPLACER

    Tips for Taking the ACCUPLACER

    Take Your Time and Do Your Best Work!

    The computerized reading and math testing is un-timed. The Writing Sample will be timed. You will have 50 minutes to type the best essay you can. The results of your test will determine whether you will first be required to begin with developmental courses prior to enrolling in college level courses. Developmental courses do not carry college credits.

    Remember to Arrive About 10 Minutes Early

    This will give you time to find the testing area, restrooms, phones, etc.

    Relax! Do Not Worry if You Are Not Familiar With Computers

    You do not need to know anything about computers to take the ACCUPLACER.

    You Will Need to Have Your NECC ID Number and a Picture ID

    If you do not have your NECC ID number, click here and fill out the required form to receive your NECC ID.  You will receive your NECC ID number via email within 24 hours.

    You Are Not Allowed to Use Dictionaries, Calculators, Notebooks, or Textbooks of Any Kind

    You will be provided with scratch paper

    Take Advantage of ACCUPLACER Test Prep Resources to Prepare for the ACCUPLACER

    We have gathered sample questions, websites, videos, apps, and more to help you prepare for the ACCUPLACER MORE about 'Accuplacer Test Prep'

    Remote Testing

    Remote Testing

    If you want to test at another institution and not the institution you are attending, you can request Remote Testing. This involves students taking the ACCUPLACER assessment test off-campus, at another educational institution, with the intention of attending another college.

    This service is not for new and returning NECC students needing to take Accuplacer Testing for NECC, either remotely or in-person on campus. If you are attending NECC and need to test, click here.


    There is a $25.00 ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Request Fee for anyone who would like to take ACCUPLACER at NECC for another institution remotely.

    Registration Steps (1-2)

    1. Complete the ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Request form
    2. Submit a non-refundable NECC Fee of $25.00 . There are 3 options available to submit your payment: Online, Walk-in or Mail-in

    Online: Click Register through our FlexReg scheduling system to pay your fee by credit card. You must sign in or create an account for FlexReg. If you are a current student, your username is your NECC ID and your password is your Self-Service password. (If you do not remember your password, contact the Service Desk and they will reset your password to your date of birth and you will then be able to reset it.) The registration cycle is January-December of each year. During each registration cycle, first time requests select ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Request Fee:

    • If you have made a previous request at NECC, select ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Request – Two

    Important Notes About Using FlexReg to Register and Pay

    When using FlexReg Pop-Up Blockers must be disabled to enable registration and payment using FlexReg. Users must have Adobe Flash Player installed on their computer. When using FlexReg for your online payment, do not X out of the windows until you have completed the entire process. Once you register and the payment process is complete, you can then Sign Out.

    Do not close any windows throughout the FlexReg process. Leave your FlexReg window open and your TouchNet Payment window open until you have completed the payment process. You will receive two (2) emails upon completion of your FlexReg process; one for your Course Registration and the second one for your TouchNet Payment confirmation. Do not close any windows until you receive these two (2) emails. Once you receive the two (2) emails, you can Sign Out. Do not X out.

    Walk-in: Come to the Academic Placement & Testing Center. You can make your payment for your registration fees by credit card, money order or check at the time you walk-in.

    Mail-in: Mail the completed application in with a money order only, made payable to NECC, for $25.00 to Northern Essex Community College, Academic Placement & Testing, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA  01830

    Schedule your ACCUPLACER test

    Upon receiving your form and fee, the Academic Placement & Testing Center will contact your institution for ACCUPLACER remote testing information and will contact you to schedule your ACCUPLACER testing.

    Request ACCUPLACER Scores

    Go to the Accuplacer College Board to request your scores. If you would like the Academic Placement & Testing Center to retrieve your Accuplacer Individual Score Report (ISR) and send it to another institution, fill out the Request to have Accuplacer Scores Released Form and pay the $25.00 processing fee on our FlexReg online payment system.

    Other services

    For information on other testing services, including Health Profession TEAS and Fundamentals exams, GED/HiSET testing, Certification exams, and more, visit Testing Services.

    For information on how you can earn credit for prior learning, including CLEP/DSST, Language Proficiency  and Challenge exams, Credential evaluations, Portfolio Reviews and Military evaluations, visit Credit for Prior Learning.

    About Us

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