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Health Insurance Information for NECC Students

Chapter 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled in nine or more credit hours participate in the College Student Medical and Accident Insurance Plan. This requirement may be waived for students who already have comparable health insurance coverage by completing the electronic Health Insurance Waiver.

Please note: The health insurance fee must be paid in full in order to receive coverage.

The Following Programs Cannot Be Used to Waive the Health Insurance

  • Health Safety Net
  • Children’s Medical Security Plan
  • MassHealth Limited
  • Free Care Plans offered by a medical facility
  • Foreign insurance policies

Health Insurance Deadlines

Fall Semester

In order to purchase or waive the health insurance, payment or waiver must be submitted by Friday, October 18, 2024.

Spring Semester

In order to purchase or waive the health insurance, payment or waiver must be submitted by Friday, March 21, 2025.

2024-2025 Health Insurance Fees

Annual premium $3,573.00
Spring premium $2,387.00

Health Insurance Waiver Instructions

To waive the Student Health Insurance Charge visit: and follow the instructions below.

NOTE: The Gallagher’s website has changed so all students must create a new account (you will need your NECC student ID#).

Please complete the following steps:

  • After clicking the link, click on the SIGN UP icon located under the “Profile” section.
  • Next, complete the User Registration form with your information. When you are done, at the bottom click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  • You will see a notification which reads: “Your user registration is successful. Please check your email you used to sign up and click on the verification link to activate your account.”.
  • In the e-mail sent to you, click the “click here” section to activate your account.
  • You will be directed to your account on the Gallagher website. Once there, scroll down to the “Plan Summary” section and click WAIVE.
  • From here you will need to answer a few questions and enter your health insurance information.

Once the waiver is submitted you will receive a confirmation number, which you should save for your records.

Please note that it takes at least 24 hours for the waiver to reflect on your account.

What If My Health Insurance Is Terminated After I Submitted the Waiver?

If your health insurance coverage is terminated you can consider a Petition to Add, within 30 days of the termination date.  For more information please visit the Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk or call 877-320-1711.

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