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Group of 4 students in NECC Music Degree program, playing music instruments and singing in a classroom.
If you love music –creating it, playing and performing it, or teaching others how to understand and appreciate it, NECC can help you turn your passion into a profession, with a Music degree!

Why Choose NECC?

NECC’s Music Degree Program provides you with a foundation for a successful career in music. This program covers music theory, performance, education, ear-training, and the computer technology. Computer technology is now an integral part of music-making, particularly for pop artists.

In this program you will:

  • Learn how to read and write music, including creating original scores
  • Experience music from all cultures and styles
  • Take part in performance workshops
  • Perform with NECC’s music ensembles or participate in choral and music clubs, theatrical productions, and concerts
  • Take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements to earn your bachelor’s degree in a music or a related field, while saving thousands of dollars on the cost of your degree

Because of NECC

Mass Transfer - links goes to the Mass Department of Ed Mass Transfer website

You will be prepared to transfer to a number of bachelor degree programs or to pursue a broad range of full- and part-time jobs in the music industry. After completing the General Studies: Music Degree you can:

  • Transfer to a bachelor degree program in music or a related field at UMass (Lowell, Boston, Dartmouth), Salem State, Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, and more
  • Seek a career in a broad array of fields that require musical knowledge and talent including education, performance, business, therapy, and technology
  • Work as a performing musician, music teacher, recording technician, engineer/mixer, and more



I always talk up the music program here. My favorite thing about the program is that you can take so many music related courses. There is a course for whatever interests you and it is just so affordable here.”

Lindsey Michaud, General Studies: Music Option

Career Paths & Job Market

Career Paths

Career Paths

Music Education

Early, Middle, and High School Music Educator; Band, Chorus and Orchestra Teacher; College Music Educator; University Music School Administrator; Studio Teacher

Musical Performer

Instrumental: Armed Forces, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Popular Music, or Radio/Film/TV
Vocal: Choral, Opera, Musicals, Popular Music, Radio/Film/TV Performer

Music for Worship

Organist, Choral Director, Cantor

Music Business

Sales, Marketing, Retail, A&R, Music License Administrator, Program Director

Musical Instruments

Music Maker, Technician or Piano Tuner


Choral, Orchestra, Opera, Institutional or Small Ensemble Director


Composer, Song Writer, Arranger

Music Therapy

(can practice in various settings)
Hospitals, Special Education Facility, Clinic for Disabled Children, Nursing Home, Mental Health Facility, Correctional Facility, Private Practice, or Music Psychologist

Music Technology

Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Recording Engineer, Recording Studio Executive, Computer Music Software Developer, Film Sound Crew, Music Producer, Post Production Engineer

Music Librarian

College, Public Library, Orchestra Library

Music Publishing

Music Editor, Music Typesetter, Sales Representative, Licensing Administrator, Publisher


Music Book Publisher, Music Book Writer, Music Periodical Publisher, Periodical Article Writer, Music Reporter (Critic), Public Relations Specialist

Transferring to a 4 year College or University

Transferring to a 4 year College or University

The following are Massachusetts state colleges that offer a four-year music degree:

The following are Massachusetts private colleges that offer a four-year music degree:

Please contact the Academic Advising Department for further information. Students may also refer to the Transfer Programs and Events pages. Transfer information specific to the program.

Program Pathway

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. View the suggested pathway for the General Studies: Music Associates in Arts degree.

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes - General Studies: Music Option

Student Learning Outcomes – General Studies: Music Option

  • Critically analyze and interpret music of different styles.
  • Critically hear and understand music internally.
  • Perform music at a level in line with the student’s personal and academic goals.
  • Be aware of many different musical styles and cultural influences from both Western and Non-Western traditions.
  • Develop Additional Core Academic Skills

Courses and Requirements



Program Coordinator & Music Director

Program Coordinator & Music Director

Alisa Bucchiere

Program Coordinator & Music Director of the Music Department


Part-Time Faculty and Staff

Part-Time Faculty and Staff



Alisa Bucchiere, Instructor

Chorus, Intro to Music, Music Theory

Ms. Bucchiere received a Masters of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the Westminster Choir College and a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance from UMass-Lowell. She is a Doctoral Student in Music Education at Boston University and a member of the Piano Faculty at Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton, MA. She is also the Organist and Choir director at Tewksbury United Methodist Church.


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