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NECC is Committed to Voting

Seal for All In 2022 Most Engaged Campus for College Student Voting

Northern Essex Community College is committed to graduating active, engaged citizens. Over the last five years, NECC has made a substantial commitment to getting out the vote on campus.

In 2015, NECC agreed to participate in the National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) to learn more about NECC students’ voting participation.  The college has been

using the results of this study to inform strategies for student voter engagement since then. In spring 2017, NECC adopted its first Civic Action Plan, which outline goals and strategies to increase voting, civic learning and engagement for the campus.

In fall 2019, Northern Essex Community College joined the All in Democracy Challenge, committing to create an action plan specific to election engagement.  NECC was also recognized with a Silver Seal for Voter Excellence for the college’s 2018 voting rates by this organization and in 2022 was recognized as one of the Most Engaged Campuses for College Student Voting.

Register to Vote

NECC encourages all eligible students to register to vote. 

Massachusetts Residents: You can register online or at your local elections office.  The deadline to register to vote is 10 days before Election Day. To register, check a registration, and for more information, please visit the MA Elections Division.

New Hampshire Residents: You can register with your town clerk or on Election Day at the polls. For more information, please visit the NH Secretary of State: How to Register to Vote.

Alternative Forms of Voting

Please see the following sites for more information and updates:

New Hampshire permits absentee voting, if you meet certain criteria.  Check out this site for more information:

Help Get Out the Vote!

If you would like to help get out the vote, please email NECC Civic Engagement and Service-Learning for ways to get involved at NECC and/or in your community. 

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