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Students at the NECC campus smiling with the text Goals next to it

Strengthen the employee sense of belonging and opportunities for professional growth.

At the heart of NECC’s commitment to student success is a workforce that represents a diversity of culture, experience, and expertise. The college will emphasize the needs of its employees, and together the faculty and staff must commit to – and be accountable for – NECC’s Core Values to support the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  1. Grow the percentage of employees, volunteers, and trustees of color to better reflect the student population and communities we serve.
    Representation matters and it is important for our students to make connections with employees and community members that share similar backgrounds.
  2. Assess and increase the sense of belonging among employees and unity between campuses.
    By emphasizing NECC as one college with co-equal campuses, we will create a culture that is inclusive and accepting.
  3. Expand onboarding, professional learning, and development programs for all employees across all departments.
    Employee excellence and retention is achieved and maintained through robust professional development and learning, and maximum gain is realized when programming is done consistently for new and existing employees.
  4. Implement comprehensive, ongoing management training based on NECC Leadership Capabilities Model.


  • Increase employee and volunteer diversity to more closely reflect the student population and communities we serve.
  • Stay within the national average of employee turnover and retention rates +/-2%.
  • Launch Employee Engagement Survey to create baseline metrics upon which to act.
  • Develop streamlined, comprehensive onboarding and training process by Fiscal Year 24 with the goal of 100% new employee participation.
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