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Learn at Your Own Pace With Competency-Based Education

You want to get ahead in your career, but juggling the competing demands of a job, personal responsibilities, and college can be challenging. At Northern Essex, we have an option, Competency-Based Education (CBE), that can make completing college courses a little easier. CBE courses offer project-based learning at a flexible pace and are designed to support mastery of the skills and knowledge you need for career success.

A Personalized Online Learning Experience That Supports Your Success

In CBE courses students  have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. This allows you to accelerate and complete courses early, or slow down to accommodate work or family commitments during the semester.  

With CBE you will benefit from close working relationships with faculty and the guidance of the CBE Learning Coach, who will help you stay on track  and connect you to resources that you may need.

CBE Course Options

You can choose from individual courses that will build skills useful across a broad array of industries and job functions.

ENG 101 – English Composition I
ENG 102 – English Composition II
PSY 101 – Intro Psychology
ART 109 – Two Dimensional Foundations
ECE 101 – Intro to Early Childhood Ed
ECE 111 – Preschool Curriculum

CBE Degree & Certificate Programs

NECC offers an Early Childhood Education Associate Degree and an Early Childhood Director Certificate in the CBE format. 

Contact Us

Milissa Duncan
CBE Learning Coach
Call or Text: 978-556-3034

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