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Follow these Steps to Ensure a Seamless Transfer!

Step 1

Begin Your Educational Planning

  • Meet with Academic Advising to discuss your career and life goals and the educational program(s) at NECC that will best prepare you
  • Explore the majors at four-year schools that best align with your learning and career goals – the school you transfer to will request that you declare your major of study when you transfer in
  • Identify 2 – 4 schools that offer your major and appeal to you for other reasons (size, location, reputation, cost)
  • Determine whether NECC already has a Transfer Agreement with one or more of the schools you are considering
  • Attend NECC’s Transfer Day Event
Step 2

Gather the Information You’ll Need to Transfer

  • Contact the Admissions Offices at the schools you are considering or go online to request information
  • Learn about application requirements, deadlines, and whether you will need to complete entrance exams, and add these important dates to your calendar
  • Contact the school’s Financial Aid Office to learn about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities
  • Visit the campus of each school you are considering
  • Understand the coursework that you will be required to complete to earn your declared major

  • Speak with the Transfer Admission Counselor at your target schools to discuss their specific transfer requirements and policies
Step 3

Finalize Transfer Planning and Action Steps at NECC

  • Meet with Academic Advising to review the evaluation of transferrable credits you received from the school you to which you will transfer
  • Review the coursework remaining to be completed at NECC in order to transfer and make a plan for when you will take each course
  • Petition to graduate with NECC’s Registrar’s office
  • Compiled all the necessary documents and information required for my financial aid applications
Step 4

Apply for Admission and Financial Aid at Your Future School

  • Complete all necessary application paperwork including sending your academic transcripts from NECC (and high school if requested)
  • Ask faculty members who know you well to provide a written recommendation for you to submit with your application (at minimum they will need 2 weeks to complete this for you, so make sure you request this well in advance of the deadline to apply for admission to your future school – and make sure to check that they have completed this on your behalf and to thank them!)
  • Make copies of all of your application and financial aid materials before you mail them or send them electronically
  • If the application requires an essay, give this your best effort, double check spelling and ask someone else to review it for you (make sure to save a back up copy in more than one place – computer, flash drive, printed copy, etc.)
  • Complete NECC’s Financial Aid transcript and send it to the school(s) to which you are applying
  • If there is an application fee, make sure you pay it, or get written documentation that this fee is being waived for you
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