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Support Your Organizational Needs and the Professional Development of NECC Students

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Why Host Interns

As a host site for NECC student interns, you’ll benefit in several ways including:

  • Gaining a new, motivated team member who is ready to contribute
  • Finding and qualifying dependable and skilled future employees
  • Becoming a mentor to help shape the future workforce

How the Internship Program Works

You’ll work in partnership with students, faculty and NECC staff to establish internship criteria including:

  • Schedule (most students work for about 14 hours a week for 12 weeks)
  • Workload
  • Learning outcomes (students will participate in a series of workshops to build soft skills)
  • Compensation
  • Supervision (interns will have at least two site visits from the Internship Program Coordinator)
  • Assessment (you will be asked to assess student performance and the internship program)

How to Start Hosting Interns

Please contact Career Services and Internship Programs at 978-556-3947 or email .

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