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The “Lead by Example” Employer Talent Initiative institutes skills-based hiring practices for the state’s workforce for most state job postings, with focus put primarily on applicants’ skills, knowledge, and abilities. Job postings will only be allowed to include degree conditions when absolutely necessary. The Commonwealth’s business community is encouraged to adopt the evaluation and elimination of unnecessary education requirements for open positions.

What this means for NECC students

The initiative will remove education requirements from most state jobs, increasing access for NECC students earning certificates and associate degrees.

Gain skills quickly through Certificate Programs and Trainings. Many degree programs have certificate components, which can be completed in a few short months. Additional training and certificate opportunities can be found through:

            The Center for Corporate and Community Education 

            The Center for Adult Education 

What this means for employers

Local businesses can choose tailored programs to local employers who seek to train or upskill current workers. In addition, the Center for Corporate and Community Education can help employers create training programs specific to their business’ needs.

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