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We Can Help You Succeed in College

Our commitment to helping everyone access a high quality college education includes providing high-level coursework in English as a Second Language. As part of the ELL Enrollment process, you will take the ELL Placement Assessment and speak with an ELL advisor to determine your levels of English reading, writing, listening & speaking. The Academic ELL courses will help you improve your language skills so that you are ready to succeed in your degree and certificate courses.

Prepare for College-Level Study, Experience College Life

These programs are run like typical college classes with additional benefits and support including:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Support from counselors and advisors
  • Access to NECC’s library, computer labs, and technical support
  • Experiences that connect classroom learning to the community
  • Opportunity to participate in NECC’s clubs, activities, leadership programs, and sports teams

Fast Learner? There are Multiple Ways to Accelerate Your Progress

  • When enrolled in Academic ELL at NECC, you will be able to take courses toward your degree at the same time.
  • NECC offers accelerated learning programs and the opportunity to skip levels.
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