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Orientation at Northern Essex Community College

Completar la orientación estudiantil en español.

Welcome to NECC!

Your first step as an incoming student is to complete the mandatory NECC Student Orientation. Orientation is the best way to get acquainted with NECC, prepare for the start of classes, and learn how we can support you along the way.

Self-Paced Student Orientation—Complete Now!

To complete this self-paced Student Orientation (below), you must:

  1. Watch all the closed captioned videos in each of the five sections
  2. Complete the required survey
  3. Submit survey and staff will contact you for an advising appointment
Begin Self-Paced Orientation


Accommodations or Interpreting Services

Interpreting Hands IconIf you require accommodations or interpreting services, contact the Center for Accessibility Resources and Services (formerly the “Learning Accommodations Center”) to make confidential arrangements.


Phone: 978-556-3654

Section 1: Welcome to NECC!

View video on the NECC YouTube Channel.

Welcome to NECC Student Orientation

Find out how to complete orientation and what you can expect to learn.

Section 2: Accessing Student Technology

View video on the NECC YouTube Channel.

Get Connected! Using Technology at NECC

Learn how to log into your myNECC portal, student email, Blackboard, DegreeWorks, and how to sign up for NECC alerts.

Section 3: Academic Advising

View video on the NECC YouTube Channel.

Academic Advising

Learn how Academic Advising can support you in getting on the path to achieving your goals.

Section 4: Student Rights and Code of Conduct

View video on the NECC YouTube Channel.

Section 5: Complete Required Survey and Next Steps

Orientation Completion

Thank you for watching all the NECC Student Orientation Videos.

We hope you learned a lot about what NECC has to offer, and how we can support you in this journey with us. Students must now complete the required survey. Once submitted, the Orientation Team will process your response and contact you by phone/text/email to schedule an appointment.

Orientation Completion Survey


Next Steps After Orientation

Now that you have completed the survey, there are some more items you may need to complete in preparation for the start of classes. Find out what steps are next for you to meet with an Academic Advisor, create your class schedule, and more.

Post-Orientation Next Steps



Contact the Orientation Team at 

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