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Is There a Fee to Pay My Bill?

Is There a Fee to Pay My Bill?

Our credit card processor PayPath charges a 2.85 percent service fee for processing each credit or debit card payment. Please note that there is a minimum payment amount of $3.00. During the payment process, the fee will be added to your payment amount and will be disclosed separately from your tuition and fee payment portion on your credit card statement. The fee is retained by PayPath and NECC does not receive any portion of this fee.

Are There Alternative Payments Methods?

Are There Alternative Payments Methods That Will Allow Me to Avoid Paying This Service Fee?

Yes, the following options are free:

  • Electronic check or ACH, which allows you pay online with no additional fee. Simply enter your bank account routing number and account number in the fields provided.
  • Cash, Check or Money Order.
Why Is the Fee Charged?

Why Is the Fee Charged?Accessible heading 3

  • In reviewing the costs of bank card usage, we have found that credit/debit card fees have increased dramatically in the last several years. These costs must be accounted for in the NECC budget. This change will benefit NECC and students by enabling the college to allocate the savings to other areas in critical need of funding.
  • NECC partnered with PayPath/Heartland to offer online on-time payments. The processing fee covers the cost of processing credit/debit payments, security compliance and certification requirements that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal consumer data.
  • We are consistently working to keep costs down while maintaining high quality programs and services. While credit and debit card payments are a convenient way to pay your tuition and fee bill, the cost to provide this convenience has grown substantially. The partnership with PayPath/Heartland allows us to be affordable while continuing to provide a variety of payment options to meet your needs.
Why Is NECC Contracting With a Third-Party Processor That Charges Processing Fees?

Why Is NECC Contracting With a Third-Party Processor That Charges Processing Fees?

NECC’s credit/debit payment structure is similar to those that have been adopted by many entities across the country where online credit and debit card payments are made available through a third-party processor who assesses a service fee for processing payments. The service fee goes directly to the third-party processor to cover the fees charged by the credit and debit card companies. NECC does not keep any of these fees.

Who Is the Third Party Provider?

Who Is the Third Party Provider?

NECC has contracted with PayPath/Heartland, a trusted third-party payments processing provider for colleges and universities.

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