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Take Early College Courses in High School

A group of 17 Early college students with their degrees.


You Can Begin Earning Credits While Still in High School!

At NECC, there are several ways for you to get a head start on a degree. Starting early is smart – you can save time and money, get an early introduction to college life, and start investing in your future. Once students have applied, all students are assigned an Early College coordinator who can help them navigate their Early College journey at NECC. 

Check out the options below to see how you can get started with our Early College programs.


Early College at NECC

Individual Program

Check with your guidance/school counselor to learn how you can take college level courses with NECC

  • Take courses on the NECC Haverhill Campus or Lawrence Campus
  • You may be able to earn high school credit along with MassTransfer Credit
  • You will need to take the Early College Academic Assessment to ensure you are ready for college-level English, Writing, and Math classes.

Learn more about the Individual Program.

Early College Designated or Cohort Programs

Your school may already have an Early College program!  Please reach out to your school counselor to learn more.  If not, check out the Individual Program options.

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