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The Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office will communicate information about your student billing through your NECC student email. myNECC (Student Portal) allows you to view account details, make payments, view your billing statements, sign up for the Installment Plan, create your eRefund profile (electronic refund-direct deposit), and authorize your parents, guardians or employer/sponsors to view and/or pay your bill.

Changed Your Mind About Attending?

If so, please make sure to formally drop your classes before the start of the term, otherwise you may owe a bill regardless of whether or not you attended. You should keep a record of the course (s) dropped confirmation number, for future reference.

Classes can be dropped in person by visiting the Enrollment Center on the Haverhill or Lawrence campus or by calling 978-556-3700. Before dropping a course students should consult with their Academic Advisor and Financial Aid. Students who are enrolled (matriculated) in a program and plan to drop ALL their courses and discontinue their studies, should officially withdraw from the college. For more information on course drop and withdrawal policy and procedure please click here Course Drop and Withdrawal Policy.

Non-Payment/Bad Debt Policy

Accounts that have been deemed delinquent for failure to pay may be referred to the State Intercept Program (for example, tax refunds and lottery wins) as well as assigned to a collection agency, where an 18% collection fee will be added. You will not be able to register for future terms or receive an official transcript until your account is paid in full.

Third Party Billing

Students who are recipients of any scholarship, tuition waiver, or private company funding need to submit the required documentation to the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office by to the due date on their initial bill. Northern Essex Community College does not participate in tuition reimbursement programs where the student is reimbursed directly by their employer. Students with this type of reimbursement program either pay their balance in full or enroll in the NECC Installment Plan.

Returned Check or Web (ACH) Payments

Any check payments issued to NECC that are returned for insufficient funds will result in the assessment of a $25.00 returned payment service fee. All future payments to NECC must be made with guaranteed funds (credit/debit card, cashier’s check, money order, or cash). Personal checks will no longer be accepted.

Refund Policy

NECC allows a 100% refund of tuition and fees for a specific range of dates which is governed by the start date of each session. Students must officially drop/withdraw from their classes by visiting the Enrollment Center either in person or by calling 978-556-3700 during office hours within the stated refund period. For a list of the stated refund periods please visit the Refund Policy and Dates page.

Lost Paper Check Refund

If your refund check has not arrived in the mail within 14 days from the day the paper check was mailed, you may request a stop payment and replacement check by completing and submitting a Paper-Check-Stop-Reissue-Form. This form will not be processed until two weeks have elapsed since the paper check was mailed.

Undeliverable ACH/eRefund

If your refund can not be delivered electronically, your TouchNet profile will be inactivated by the Student Accounts/Bursar’s staff and a paper check will be issued. However, you can update your TouchNet profile for future refunds. Please note that NECC cannot reissue a refund unless the rejected ACH notification is received.

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