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MassReconnect is a new program funding free community college for adults 25 and older who do not already have a college degree. 

Am I eligible?

Am I eligible?

You’re eligible for MassReconnect if you:

  • Are 25 or older on the first day of classes
  • Are a Massachusetts resident (and have been for a least one year)
  • Have not previously earned a college degree (associate or bachelor’s)
  • Are not in default on any federal or state student loans for attendance at any institution, or owe a refund for any previous state financial aid program
  • Enroll in at least 6 credits per semester (that’s typically two classes)
How can I enroll?

How can I enroll?

I'm already enrolled at NECC

I’m already enrolled at NECC

Your eligibility will be determined by the Financial Aid Office and you will be notified via your student email regarding next steps.

I attended NECC but didn't graduate

I attended NECC but didn’t graduate

Come back! We encourage you to discuss your options with our Enrollment Services team.

What's covered?

What’s covered?

Tuition and required fees are covered and students will receive an allowance towards books and supplies. MassReconnect funding will be applied if eligible expenses exceed grants/scholarships awarded.

  • Recipients who are later determined to be ineligible for MassReconnect may be billed for disbursed funds.

Got Prior Learning Experience?

You’ve had a wealth of life experience that may align with learning outcomes of many of our courses. Graduate faster with an assessment of your life experience and prior learning for potential academic credit.

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TikTok Creator Influencing His Community to Try MassReconnect

Getting to know Northern Essex Community College Business Transfer student Pedro Rentas is like peeling an onion. Each layer reveals another fascinating tidbit of his life.
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Finding a Fresh Start: Meet the Students of MassReconnect

The state’s MassReconnect Program just began a few months ago, and already it’s changing lives.
MassReconnect Solutions for Employers

MassReconnect Solutions for Employers

NECC provides the perfect opportunity for you to support your employees, grow the skills and capabilities of your team, and help your professional development dollars go further.

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Learn how MassReconnect provides funding for adults 25 and older to earn a college degree at no cost. Join us to learn about eligibility requirements at one of our information sessions.

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