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Two NECC Health students, in a hospital setting, one sitting while using the computer

Job opportunities in science are rapidly growing at all levels. There are expected to be 11,000 new jobs by 2026. The Lab Science certificate program is designed to prepare you for these well-paying jobs in one year by teaching you the hands-on skills needed to succeed on the job. In this program, you will gain experience in many areas, including basic lab skills, quality control, biotechnology, cell biology, and the use of high tech instrumentation like Gas Chromatography and HPLC.

Why Choose NECC?

After completing the Lab Science certificate, you will be prepared to either start working in the industry or continue on to obtain an AAS degree and bachelor’s degree. You can:

Develop hands-on skills:

  • Pipetting
  • Reagent prep
  • Microbiology
  • DNA technology
  • Chromatography
  • Protein analysis

Start working in a variety of fields and locations:

  • Animal care technician
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Scientific technician
  • Quality Control
  • Hospitals
  • Biotech
  • Environmental labs
  • Cannabis industry

Because of NECC


Courses and Requirements


Program Pathway

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. View the suggested pathway for the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate.

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