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A Business Transfer Associate  Degree student dressed in formal business suit and tie, standing in the library surrounded by book shelves.
If you are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in business, you can start at NECC and complete roughly 50% of the basic general education and business administration courses. Thousands of our alumni have successfully followed this same path.

Why Choose NECC?

Mass Transfer - links goes to the Mass Department of Ed Mass Transfer website

By earning an Associate in Science in Business Transfer Degree at NECC, you’ll save thousands of dollars on the cost of your bachelor’s degree. You’ll build critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, and also benefit from NECC’s small class sizes and high level of student support. With this program you can:

  • Complete an internship at an area company or organization, gaining real-world experience.
  • Participate in Alpha Beta Gamma, an international business honor society
  • Take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements to earn your bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, while saving thousands of dollars on the cost of your degree.
  • Prepare for diverse and exciting careers in marketing, sales, finance, or management.

Because of NECC

You will be able to join hundreds of NECC alumni who have successfully transferred to public and private colleges and universities in Massachusetts and across the country – and who have then gone on to enjoy rewarding careers. After successfully completing the Business Transfer Program previous graduates have transferred to:

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Merrimack College
  • Salem State College
  • Boston University
  • And more!


Top 10

Business Transfer is one
of NECC’s top ten
largest programs


I saved a lot of money and figured out what I wanted to study without making a commitment to an expensive four-year school. I worked really hard and was able to transfer to a really great school.”

Lucas Lombardo, NECC Business Transfer graduate, transferred to Boston University

Career Paths & Job Market

Career Paths

Career Paths

To learn more about career paths, median salaries, and job trends in business management, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Program Pathway

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. View the suggested pathway for the Business Transfer Degree.

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes - Business Transfer Associate Degree

Student Learning Outcomes – Business Transfer Associate Degree

  • Analyze and record journal entries and prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Apply quantitative reasoning skills and/or financial accounting theory/principles to analyze information to make business decisions
  • Apply quantitative reasoning skills and/or managerial accounting theories and/or other various business concepts to make business decisions
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively and professionally communicate orally and in writing in a business environment
  • Identify and analyze the components of a viable business

Courses and Requirements



Department Chair

Department Chair

Sheila Muller


Faculty Contact Information

Faculty Contact Information

Sheila Muller, AS, BS, MBA

Office: C-304 D
Phone: 978-556-3342

Judith Pollock-Ciampi, Esq.

Office: C-304 A
Phone: 978-556-3304

Adjunct Faculty Contact Information

Adjunct Faculty Contact Information

Sheri Acevedo, BS, MS


Timothy Barnes, JD


Sandra Fuhs, BS, MS


Wayne Kibbe, BS, MBA


Sharon McDermot, BS, MS


Pat Morrow, BA, MSM


Dianne McDermott-Cerasuolo, BS, MBA


Chuck Phair, BS, MBA, ABD


Bill Zannini, BS, MBA


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