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General Requirements

To earn an associate degree you will need to complete a minimum of 60 course credits. If you are a new student as of 2014, you must also complete one course, designated as an intensive, in each of NECC’s six core academic skills:

  • Global Awareness
  • Information Literacy
  • Public Presentation
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Science & Technology
  • Written Communication

In most cases, coursework in the six core skill areas will be integrated into your program of study but you must confirm this with your faculty advisor or with a staff member in academic advising.

Please Note: Only the current associate degree requirements are listed here. If you have been attending NECC for a few semesters, it is your responsibility to check with your faculty advisor or academic advising to ensure that you are meeting all associate degree program requirements.

Requirements Specific to Each Degree Program

Below is a list of all associate degrees offered at NECC. Each degree listed will link you to page reflecting the following program details:

  • Required courses
  • Prerequisite courses (courses you must complete before taking other courses)
  • Credits earned for completing each course
  • Courses you will take in the coming semester, or course you need to complete in future semesters to earn your degree

You are encouraged to Log on to Self Service to check your progress towards degree completion. Keep in mind that there are a large number of courses that may meet the degree requirements for multiple programs.

Degree Program Requirements

American Sign Language Studies, Associate in Arts
Biology, Associate in Science
Business Management
Business Management: Healthcare Practice
Business Transfer
Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science
Computer and Information Sciences: Computer Science
Computer and Information Sciences: Information Technology
Computer and Information Sciences, Networking and Security Option
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice: Private and Public Safety
Early Childhood Education
Educational Studies (Grades 1-12)
Engineering Science
Engineering Science, Advanced Manufacturing
Engineering Technology Option
Exercise Science
General Studies: Art and Design
General Studies: Health Specialization, Associate in Arts
General Studies: Individualized Option
General Studies: Music Option
Hospitality Management
Human Services
Laboratory Science
Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts Transfer: Journalism/Communication
Liberal Arts Transfer: Philosophy
Liberal Arts Transfer: Psychology
Liberal Arts: Writing
Nursing (ADN)
Nursing Advanced Placement: LPN to RN
Paramedic Technology
Public Health
Radiologic Technology
Respiratory Care
Technology and Business, Associate in Science

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